Talk To A Judge – Gene Goode Speaks!!

Talk To A Judge – Gene Goode Speaks!!

I gotta hand it to Ty Robinson and Judge Love Jr for putting on another great show on IGTV. This time they interviewed Kentucky Open promoter Gene Goode, along  with Jerrica Renee. In the interview, the panel discussed a wide range of topics, including why competitors should compete and how important it is to make the most out of your first contest. Other topics within competing, included the importance of posing, particularly an emphasis on practicing. In fact, Judge talked about teaching himself how to pose for Men’s Physique, largely through watching YouTube videos and practicing daily.

Judge also talked about how Junior Nationals, today, is a watered down event because of the fact there isn’t a major airport for three hours. I’ve never really thought about this, but it’s a very astute point. Who’s going to compete at a contest that’s that far away from the airport they’re flying into?

I’ve been out of the contest coverage game for a few years, so it’s crazy that classes that one point in time had 50 competitors, today, are lucky to get 10. Where a contest is held makes a tremendous difference with regards to the number and quality of competitors it draws. That’s not negativity, it’s straight-up reality. It’s also logistics. And with those logistics in mind, it could be a godsend for a competitor looking to make a big splash without, necessarily, putting forth tremendous effort. Further to that, anyone competing outside bodybuilding, might look at Junior Nationals and see it as an easier contest to earn pro status than say Nationals, USA’s, Universe, etc.

Posing was a huge topic!

Ty talked about the hands-on-hip pose that was discussed last week by Men’s Physique Competitor Richard Sparks, who swears by it. Just because one man likes a pose – or – can get great scores off of it, doesn’t mean every man will like it or want to do it. Ty’s candor, as usual, was on point, as well as Judge’s.

I think people love this show because the guys read comments, they sound off, and they’re very real about whatever they discuss. Unlike 2 Scoops Radio, which was pre-recorded, this program, here, is LIVE! Not that these guys would employ much censorship, anyways, but they really can’t in a LIVE setting. That’s why a lot of media people opt for pre-recorded. For Ty and Judge, this format is perfect. There’s no bullshit about them. The shows are also not super structured, either. They’re spontaneous and fun.

Jerrica Renee joined this week’s show to discuss posing, rockin a Kentucky Muscle shirt, as Gene joined the program. I feel she brought different perspectives that only enhanced the show!!

I haven’t seen Gene in years, but almost immediately, I remembered why I liked him so much. Here’s a guy who loves what he does, who doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to putting on a contest. I always loved his stage and the level of organization his staff had when it really counted. What i mean by that is, anyone can have a game plan and a concept, but when you’ve got a contest with multiple moving parts underway and you’re always in control, always making sure things get done a certain way, that’s when you can pat yourself on the back.

Goode also talked about folks who underestimate the competitiveness of big contests and how many find out the hard way. If anything, this week’s show might be a reality check for some athletes that while, promising, might not be ready to play with the big cats, just yet.

“There’s a difference between being nationally qualified and being nationally justified.”

Gene Goode

The panel also discussed coaching and changing coaches. I think Jerrica offered some great insights insofar as when was the appropriate time to assess if a client/coaching relationship is seeing fruit. Ty sounded off on why he disfavors folks who leave coaches based solely on placings. 

It seems like everything but the kitchen sink was covered, in a remarkably short amount of time. The panel even touched upon the subject of good sportsmanship.

“You trash your trophy in an event and the NPC is comin for you.”

Gene Goode

All in all, this was another fantastic LIVE. I love that Judge mentioned my name out of nowhere. (Interesting facial reaction from Gene. Lol). I definitely think Ty and Judge need to come up with a name for this series and keep going full steam ahead!! To Watch the show, click here!!