Get To Know Riana Baira!!

Get To Know Riana Baira!!

Every interview is special for it’s own reason, but I love when I interview a competitor that put it all on the line to do right by themselves. Sometimes you lose friends along the way, sometimes you have to conquer your own demons, and sometimes the hurdles may seem insurmountable, but you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I don’t care what placing you get – if you make it to the stage, that’s a victory in and of itself. And if you make it to the stage and you just nail it, like Riana Baira did at the 82nd Annual NGA Cincinnati Natural, then you have so much to be proud of!

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First Show & She Loved It!

Riana didn’t just take charge of her health and well-being by losing weight, she embarked on a journey that no one among her friends and family understood. They may still not understand, but you can really tell that Natural Bodybuilding makes her happy. When I asked her if she had been bitten by the bug, she replied with a resounding yes!

This is exactly the kind of athlete that can grow not just the NGA, but drug-free bodybuilding and fitness! She loves training, she loves competing, and something tells me she loves helping people. Just tonight I mentioned how impressed I was with her physique and mindset on Josh Miller’s IG LIVE. Both Josh and his guest NGA Head Judge and Pro Roy Thomas agreed with me. In fact, Josh was hoping that Riana would compete at the upcoming 2024 NGA Kentucky Natural Classic in Lexington. Hopefully we’ll see Riana do the contest in 2025!

All Smiles At Her First Show!!

I can’t wait to do an IG LIVE or a follow-up interview with Riana. This little interview from the 2024 NGA Cincinnati Natural is just the beginning. She had literally just got off stage and I wanted to chat with her a bit, but I definitely hope she’ll do an IG LIVE with me, maybe one with Josh, and maybe consider launching her own Live Chats, a podcast, or a YouTube series. Not only do I see a bright future for her competitively-speaking, but I think she could inspire a great many people by sharing her journey and her vision for the future. Just like she said, “you can’t take the days back.” There’s no better time to take charge of your life and your health and well-being, than NOW!!

Please be sure to follow Riana on her Instagram: @ririibfit