Yoga In South Beach

Yoga In South Beach

You never know who you’ll run into in South Beach. Just to give you an example, I was out filming for my Spanish channel TodoQueVeo when I stumbled upon Muscle Beach South Beach. I saw folks doing bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. This outdoor gym in the sand, with palm trees in the background, and the sound of crashing waves and beachgoers seemed straight out of a movie. And even though there was no shortage of things to look at, my eyes darted over to a woman who was hard at work doing a series of aerobic-type movements that I thought for sure originated from a gymnastics background. Since I’ve been covering bodybuilding for so many years, I immediately drew parallels with the Fitness Division.

Initially I just admired her technique and her flawless execution. She seemed so in the zone that the last thing I wanted to do was distract her. Then she concluded and was probably thinking about what was to come to next. I saw that as my chance to say hello. We talked for a bit and she told me what she was actually doing was yoga. Her name is Diana Tavernise. She’s originally from New York but lives in and loves Florida. She currently teaches yoga 1:1, but hopes to one day do group classes as well. Diana was all for doing a quick interview and letting me get a video of her yoga flow.

Although Diana forewarned me that she might need a couple takes in case she messed up – she totally nailed it on the first try. Now mind you, she normally does this alone, and if i were to guess, I’m pretty sure she cancels everyone and everything around her out. Yoga seems like a very personal and almost introspective discipline. Plus she’s probably listening to her music and enjoying every second of it. Now, factor in some dude with a camera, getting a 360 view, and her still nailing perfect form and executing everything flawlessly. That’s no small feat! Just imagine what she can teach you!

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It was an absolute pleasure meeting Diana and getting a chance to film with her. I definitely hope to cross paths with her again. Be sure to show her some love and follow her on Instagram and Tiktok. And if you have even the remotest interest in yoga – hit her up!!

Instagram: @DianaATavernise & @Diana.Tavernise

Tiktok: @dianatavernise