2024 NGA Cincinnati Natural

2024 NGA Cincinnati Natural

The 82ND Annual NGA Cincinnati Natural in Middletown, OH, was a fantastic contest put on by promoter extraordinaire Jared Weitzel. Many of the competitors were floored by how deep the lineups were. One group of guys who the judges compared quite extensively echoed the sentiment that this was not an easy show. That’s a simple yet tremendous compliment. It gives praise to the promoter, but it also speaks directly to the level of competitiveness on stage.

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This Lindsey’s FIRST SHOW!!

Competitors work so hard to bring their best and if they’re up against other competitors who give it their all, then what you have is an all out battle. That’s the good kind of tired, it’s the good kind battle fatigue. On the one hand I’m sure they hoped the judges would just leave them alone and let them go backstage, but deep down they had to know they had really done their homework. If the judges can’t make up their minds, there’s no better compliment to a group of competitors. They might be melting under the lights and running on fumes, but that’s the kind of contest that stands out. Sometimes these competitors are so in the zone they tune out the MC and even the cheering from the audience. It’s all about hitting the shots and standing strong. Nothing else matters.

When In Rome, FLEX!

StrengthAddicts.com covered various parts of the contest, including the prejudging and finals. I used a GoPro 11, my trusted Sony AX 43, my iPhone and of course my powerful LED light that blinds so many but makes for some of the best photos. “Don’t look at the light.” Lol

Backstage is the place to be.

One of the best parts of contest coverage is the backstage experience. Whether competitors are waiting to go on stage, have already been on stage, and/or are just relaxing, it’s a whole different animal than anywhere else. Last week I did a great Instagram LIVE interview with NGA Pro and Promoter Josh Miller where we discussed the value of networking backstage and how important it is to strike up friendships. There’s a time and a place for everything. Each competitor determines when, where, and how they make it happen; however, if you compete, you should leave having talked to a good amount of new people. And hopefully you’ll have made some new friends as well.

Look Your Best, Take A Photo!

To those outside bodybuilding, the sport may seem narcissistic. It might seem like it’s about individuals who are obsessed with themselves. The obsession is true to a point when it comes to diet, training, and posing; however, for most athletes taking progress photos and videos is more self-imposed torture than anything else. They’re constantly looking at what needs to be done to improve body parts and hit that bullseye by contest day. If and when they reach that goal – those are the photos that make them smile. It’s knowing that everything came together, but not by sheer coincidence. It’s the product of hard work and sacrifice. I’m the last person to preach how you should think about anything, including bodybuilding, but I’m saying maybe take a closer look. Give bodybuilding a chance.

Smiles and pumps 🙂

Backstage is a place where all the work’s been done and competitors should kick back a bit. That’s their place. It’s where camaraderie reigns supreme and where people are happy for each other. If someone’s down – they’re not alone. It’s a place filled with laughter and good times. The expeditors are there making sure competitors know where they need to be. Jared is running around talking to everyone. There’s promoters who sit in the audience and delegate everything to staff and there’s promoters that are as much a part of the staff as anyone else. Promoters like Jared are all about that.

Take lots of pictures!!

We’ll have tons of photos and videos coming out today, Monday, and throughout the week from the 82ND Annual NGA Cincinnati Natural at StrengthAddicts.com and all of our social media platforms. All StrengthAddicts.com content is powered by IronMag Labs! Need help finding content, check out the links below: