Alicia Frazier – A Competitor To Watch!

Alicia Frazier – A Competitor To Watch!

The world of natural bodybuilding and fitness is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more people discover what can be achieved through hard work and determination. You don’t need exogenous, synthetic hormones in order to build an impressive physique. If you’re in doubt, look for natural bodybuilding competitions near you, and check one out.

The truly natural organizations, like the National Gym Association (or NGA), make testing a top priority for all competitors. They don’t just test the Top 5, much less the winners only. Everyone is tested to ensure a truly level playing field and it’s not just urinalysis either, but polygraph as well! If you happen to check out one of these contests you’ll see men and women with physiques that will inspire you to want to work out, eat clean, and see your own transformations before your very eyes. Don’t be fooled, though, these competitors give it their all. I’m talking about competitors like the one who inspired this article. There’s no magic pill or big secret. You’re not going to wake up one day looking like NGA Women’s Physique Pro Alicia Frazier – not unless you work your tail off over the long haul.

Bodybuilding takes TIME and EFFORT!

Drug-free bodybuilding and fitness needs ambassadors, now, more than ever. As we delve deeper into the digital age, where social media has become the driving force of every walk of life, it’s critical to have good people front and center promoting all things near and dear to their heart. People who live online have developed pretty sharp BS radars. When you think of the net, think of a vast sea, and most of it is filled with frauds faking it till they make it. Someone like Alicia Frazier is the real deal. She’ll pass anyone’s realness test because she’s about this life and the more people she makes contact with, the more people she inspires. This is why I’m personally making it a point to promote her with everything I’ve got. I want to use my websites and my social media platforms to spark conversation about her. At the end of the day, the most effective promotional tool isn’t advertising or who has the most bells and whistles to their name. It comes down to word of mouth. If you’re the real deal, your name will spread like wildfire. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2024 or 1924. Once people start talking, word spreads.

Social Butterflies In Action

Social butterflies make for the best influencers. You have got to like people. I suppose a loner could be an influencer so long as their work was restricted solely to social media platforms, but at some point the jig will be up. Not only must you like people, but you have to actually care about what they have to say, what their journey entails. I see Alicia Frazier backstage with her fellow competitors and I see how she interacts with them and I can only imagine how she is with people she comes across with in the gym, maybe in the workplace, or maybe just out and about. She’s got a lot of heart and that goes beyond what she does on stage or in the gym. And mind you, I don’t know her outside of the NGA world, but from the first time I met her to the second time to the third time, I got a great vibe and it only grew stronger with each meeting.

Two Competitors To Keep An Eye On!!

I could easily sit here and break down Alicia’s physique. I could write about her best poses or how she comes alive on stage. I could talk to you about how active she is on social media and how consistent she is with the content she posts, but I’ll leave a lot of that for you to discover on your own. The purpose for this particular article is simply to put her name in your head. I want you to know the name Alicia Frazier, just like I want you to know the name, Lindsey Pelfrey. I want the NGA to know these names. I want promoters and supplement company owners to know these names as well. Because at the end of the day, Alicia Frazier will be a big name in social media. And the question will be if she’s used or not. And being used shouldn’t always have a negative connotation. Context is everything.

All Smiles Backstage!!

I had a blast at Josh Miller’s 2024 NGA Kentucky Natural Classic! I loved seeing guest poser NGA Pro Jimbo Collins guest posing. He put a tremendous amount of thought into his routine and really worked the audience. People got off their feet, cheered, and shouted for him as he hit poses and worked the hall. That’s not just bodybuilding – it’s entertainment! Well, I’d love to see promoters start using athletes like Alicia Frazier and Lindsey Pelfrey as well. And who knows, maybe they will. Because guest posing appearances are all about creating hype and buzz for a contest. And the really good ones are like a show within a show. There’s tremendous planning that goes into that type of routine, plus there could be a speech as well. There can and should be promotional materials, interviews, and maybe the guest poser could have a booth and meet and great fans. It’s all about thinking outside the box and thinking big leagues. That’s why I love Josh’s shows because he’s taking natural bodybuilding to all new heights. And that’s why I’m hitching StrengthAddicts’ wagon to his.

Guest posings are just the tip of the iceberg. Pro athletes like Alicia could be used at posing clinics, expos, doing podcasts and being signed as talent to companies that run the gamut in the fitness industry. You want to work with someone like Alicia Frazier!

Promotion is key, and I’ll promote athletes likes Alicia with absolutely everything I’ve got. I believe in her and I want you to know her name. Be sure to keep your eye on this amazing athlete. She’s just getting started, but her journey is one you’ll definitely want to be a part of. Follow her, comment on her posts, and if you’re a promoter or company owner, DEFINITELY reach out to her.