Why Is Big Ramy Posting Old Content?

Why Is Big Ramy Posting Old Content?

Everyone is talking about how great 2x Mr. Olympia is looking. His posts are spreading like wildfire throughout the net. Fans can’t stop talking about his gains on the message boards and Facebook groups. I read on one sub-Reddit that this version of Ramy would be able to take the Olympia from Derek, stop Hadi in his tracks, and keep others like Samson, Nick Walker, and Hunter Labrada at bay! I felt like I had just gotten out of a time machine, years ago when Ramy won the NY Pro and everyone was talking about his undeniable rise to the top. Bodybuilding enthusiasts from high and low have come out of the woodwork thanks to the release of these epic shots. The only problem is, these photos are old as fuck. They’re not even a few weeks old or couple month old. These shots are from years ago! I couldn’t even tell you what decade they’re from if you paid me!

Why is The Egyptian Phenom putting these photos and videos now? What’s he hoping to achieve?

This is a thumbnail is from a very old video

You can’t fool everyone all of the time, but perhaps if you fool enough people you can pass an old video or an old series of photos as new. I think that’s incredibly weak considering the person we’re talking about was the greatest bodybuilder in the world for two consecutive years. It’s also very sad if this is all he’s got to show for more than a year and a half of being off the grid.

There’s a lot of talk of Big Ramy guest posing at the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro (May 10th-11th) and this old content may be his way of creating some buzz for that appearance. But even if that were the case, there’s better ways he could achieve this than by trying to trick the fans and the media. I don’t know of a single bodybuilding news outlet that has reported this content as new, but there’s always one. There is always one. But it won’t be StrengthAddicts.com. That much you can count on!

Will Ramy compete in 2024?

Guest posing is one thing and competing is quite another. We recently saw the Dennis James podcast where coach Patrick Tuor would not confirm or disconfirm if he was in fact Big Ramy’s coach. That whole encounter was bizarre as hell to say the least. What’s the big mystery? Who cares who’s coaching the guy anyways? He lost the Sandow in 2022 and was relegated to 5th place. He tried to redeem himself a few months later at the 2023 Arnold Classic – against lesser quality guys – and took 5th again. Then he disappeared for a year and a half. He’s hardly a hot commodity and therefore no reason to beat around the bush with regards to who comprises his team. If anything, his new coach should come out swinging. He should be selling Ramy and amping up his comeback. Instead, the guy who is more than likely Ramy’s coach needs to stay quiet, while Ramy tries to pass of old content as new on Instagram.

What do you think Ramy will look like in Pittsburgh? Do you think he’ll even make it to hitting the stage? And/or do you think his guest posing appearance will be a springboard for a comeback to the 2024 Olympia stage? What say you?