Josh Miller, Lindsey Pelfrey IG LIVE!!

Josh Miller, Lindsey Pelfrey IG LIVE!!

So I don’t know if you missed this interview or not, but Josh put out the announcement around 1PM today and I had to share it everywhere because I knew that it was going to be a really, really interesting and thought-provoking Instagram Live. And let me tell you it lived up to all the hype, and then some!


For starters Lindsey has got to be the happiest person on Earth! I have never seen someone smile more than she did during this broadcast. You could tell she was really happy and was really in her element talking about bodybuilding, the trials and tribulations of a prep, and finally getting on stage. If you follow her on social media you know that she is one of the most transparent people out there, but in addition to that level of transparency, she was so candid on this interview that it really is worth your time to watch. She even talked about the few days in between the Cincinnati and the Lexington shows and what was going through her mind. And that’s significant because when she went to Cincinnati she could have turned Pro there but-for the fact there weren’t enough competitors. Then she had to switch gears, make some fine-tuning moves, keep her mind in the zone and go to Lexington and won her pro card. I’m not doing that period of time any justice with this article, but my hope is that you will go and watch the Live video so you’ll know what I’m talking about. Lindsey broke everything down, perfectly.

Moreover, I love how Josh does these interviews because while it’s a conversation, it’s also an interview, and he will not interrupt the guest no matter what. This is very important in an interview-setting because it allows the guest to express themselves completely without having to sacrifice talking points in order to maintain the flow of the interview. Neither one of them interrupted the other. Josh asked really good questions and gave Lindsey the opportunity to articulate her thoughts fully. Only then would he ask something else or weigh in.

I really enjoyed this interview as well because Lindsey talked about the concept of a mock prep and how important that was to her and how important it can be to other competitors. She spoke about the camaraderie backstage at NGA shows and how she gets herself into zone those seconds prior to hitting the stage. Every competitor is different and she was very forthcoming with pretty much her entire mindset. I thought that was extremely gutsy of her seeing as she’s only done two shows. It was also very thought-provoking because with just two shows under her belt she is already so far ahead of the game that she’s going to do real damage on and off the stage.

Now mind you, I have never competed but I have been doing interviews and writing articles for well over 15 years in this sport and I can tell you that Lindsey has a very sharp understanding of how everything works even though she has only done a couple of shows. And understand that I have interviewed and worked with people from your local level one amateur shows all the way to the Olympia, the so-called Super Bowl of Bodybuilding. I have broken bread with the biggest names in fitness and I can tell you that listening to Lindsey talk to Josh tonight validated my predictions for what she’s going to accomplish in the future.

Another very important part of this interview dealt the importance of having a strong team behind you. And in Lindsey’s case it was the classic example of how things should work. What do I mean by that? Well she had one coach that oversaw everything, then she had a trainer, then she had a couple of posing coaches. Everybody stayed in their own lane nobody overstepped their boundaries and she was able to bring a winning physique to Lexington and won her card in a commanding way.

Now the big question is going to be when and where will she make her pro debut. And I think it’s a fitting question because if you watch the interview, she spoke about going from Cincinnati to Lexington. She spoke about how Lexington was the next game and how that tapped into her athletic and competitive personality. She didn’t really have an opportunity to relish the win in Cincinnati because she was already focusing on the next big game, which was Lexington. And I’m sure she is already focusing on when and where she will make her pro debut. I cannot wait to, hopefully, be a witness to it.

I really hope you guys check out this fantastic interview and I hope that you continue to follow Lindsey’s journey by following her on social media, visiting her website, and showing love to her sponsors. Remember that you can make yourself heard with your wallet. Spend money on the companies that support the athletes that you admire and that inspire you. This is both a sport and a business. And I for one would love to see Lindsey become the next big thing. I would love to see her get sponsored by great companies, work with great promoters, and stay very busy. She can do an awful lot for natural bodybuilding and I hope that she stays in the NGA orbit as long as possible. There are pros and cons to competing in other federations, but I really think she could make a very, very strong impact in the world of drug-free bodybuilding and fitness.