Santa Cruz – Under The Gun

Santa Cruz – Under The Gun

“Under The Gun,” the first single off the band’s 5th consecutive album, “The Return Of The Kings,” hit Spotify on February 25th, surpassing 30,000 plays in just two weeks!! The single had been hyped up with a variety of promotions throughout the band’s platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Fans were treated to IG story clips of the track, featuring different members of the band, in MTV-styled music video formats. These stories were then shared and reposted by countless music fans throughout the world. While some labels and bands have opted to pour tons of money into street teams for hire, pop-up ads, and boosting posts, Santa Cruz has gone the organic route, relying on their sounds and the passion of its hardcore fans!

From their formation back in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland, Santa Cruz has delivered a style of hard rock that many believe died out between 1992-95 as a result of Seattle grunge. Whereas many of the bands that dominated the 80’s and early 90’s underwent makeovers and tried to ditch the sound that paved their rise to multi-platinum stardom; bands like Santa Cruz have successfully resurrected it, coupled with aggressive, grassroots promotion and a strong understanding of how to use social media and streaming services to make themselves recognized and respected. Nowadays, Grunge is a distant memory, but rock never recovered. In fact, it’s lost major ground to rap. Hip Hop stars are now the ones who live the decadent, no-holds-barred lifestyles that used to be the bread and butter of rockers.

Most rock, today, is no longer appealing to the youth – it’s no longer dangerous. Still, bands like Santa Cruz faithfully carry on the hard rock torch for future generations. If and when rock is once again on top, songs like “Under The Gun,” will be the songs that make it happen! You can call it glam, glitz, metal, but whatever it is, it’s rock ‘n roll. Anyone who loves cool guitar riffs, flashy drums, deep basslines and anthemic vocals, will be drawn to this group!! They look and sound like stars!!

In addition to new music, Santa Cruz will hit the Sunset Strip for a huge comeback concert in about three weeks time. If you’re in California or can get there, this would be a concert to mark on your calendar.

Fans will get an opportunity to watch The Bad Boys of Rock hit the stage at the iconic Whiskey A Go Go on Wednesday, April 6th. Tickets start at $15 for general admission and go up to $300, for more exclusive seating options. For more information, visit TicketWeb, by clicking here.

I strongly recommend that everyone take advantage of Spotify Premium. If you love music, you can listen to practically any artist, create your own playlists, and subscribe to artists to always listen to the newest tracks they release. While some artists may argue that streaming services don’t pay nearly as much as putting out CD’s and vinyl, the vast majority of fans don’t get their music like that anymore. While there’s a niche for collectibles and there’s a growing renaissance of music-lovers still wanting to purchase hard copies, bands like Santa Cruz have their finger on the fans’ pulse. Bands that want to be cutting-edge, need to evolve with the times and this band certainly has.

I highly encourage all rock fans to check out “Under The Gun,” and most definitely Follow the band on Spotify and all their social media platforms, in order to stay tuned for future singles and the release of the album, in its entirety. In meantime, be sure to check out their previous records, including my favorite single, “Crossfire!!” I’ll actually listen to the guitar solo off that song at least two or three times, every time I listen to the track while working out. It’s actually got a two parts, a long one, with some vocals following it, and then finishes off with a second, shorter part. The guitar playing has one foot in fun, party rock and another in technical prowess – top notch for sure!