Glen Young Speaks!!

Glen Young Speaks!!

Glen Young is the owner and editor in chief of Amazons Fit Mag a proud sponsor of StrengthAddicts and one of the most vocal supporters of muscular women in the fitness industry. He not only runs a membership website and print publication, but he’s one of the leading photographers in the bodybuilding world. Unlike many who talk a big game with little, if anything, to back it up, Glen prides himself on having invested a great of time and money into his businesses. He believes that muscular women are highly marketable and actively seeks new models to work with. Young offers paid shoots and here’s why.

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Glen is a firm believer that if he’s going to earn revenue off the name, image, and likeness of the ladies he works with, then it’s only right that they be compensated for their time. He also believes that the elite-level athletes he works with know their value. Simply put, these women work very hard to create breathtaking physiques and if they’re going to promote supplements, clothing, and/or services (e.g. coaching, branding, etc), they should see contracts that benefit them, not just the companies they’re working for. Ladies who get some free product in exchange for promoting brands on their social media platforms are really getting shortchanged. If companies want to profit off the name and likeness of top talent, they should pay for that privilege. And pay means actual money, not just some whey and carb powders. The more companies an athlete promotes, the more they dilute their value. It’s important to have a real business sense for marketing.

Glen goes above and beyond. Whether he’s driving across states, putting together travel budgets for sponsored athletes, and/or working behind the scenes to help those he works with. He’s all about that! Glen’s a guy who’s driven and inspired by passion. He has worked tirelessly to make a name for himself in one of the most competitive sports in the world. He’s discovered talent that’s gone onto major stardom. But unlike others in this scene, he’s not about to hold anyone back – contractually or otherwise. He believes in the women he works with and he wants to see them reach for the stars.

It’s a great honor to have Amazons Fit Mag as a sponsor of StrengthAddicts. We’d discussed this partnership for quite some time and we have some exciting plans moving forward. For now, I’d like to invite you to check out this amazing interview. We hope to have a monthly show of some sort, collaborate on articles, and also feature AFG athletes on the various StrengthAddicts platforms. I hope you enjoy the interview and definitely check out Amazons, today!