AmazonsFitMag with Marilyn Yee!

AmazonsFitMag with Marilyn Yee!

Be sure to check out this fantastic interview, on-set conducted by Glen Young with Women’s Bodybuilder and social media influencer Marilyn Yee for Amazons Fitness Magazine. While Marilyn doesn’t sound like much of a fan of Frontier Airlines, she’s definitely all about building a beautiful muscular physique, bringing her best to the stage, and growing Female Bodybuilding. The interview got started with Marilyn’s issues related to eating and body composition and how the weights were able to give her a path towards overall health and happiness!

This interview touched upon many great topics, from why Marilyn picked bodybuilding (the ladies have six divisions to choose from), the issue of muscularity and femininity, and the importance of conditioning when competing in physique-based sports.

Be sure to check out the video: Click Here!

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