AmazonsFitMag with Amanda Snooks!

AmazonsFitMag with Amanda Snooks!

Kudos to Glen Young of Amazons Fit Mag for his amazing interview, on-set with Women’s Bodybuilder and social media influencer Amanda Snooks. This 20 minute interview covered so much ground that it is a must-watch for any fan of female muscle. Glen’s questions hit on topics that Amanda knew like the back of her hand. The two discussed the importance of shooting in the off-season and how that develops a strong professional relationship between athletes and publications. This is very important because as Amanda pointed out, it’s hard for many women to interview or shoot when they’ve put on a little fat in the off-season. As Glen said, working in the off-season promotes self-love. Amanda also added the importance of working with a great coach and keeping somewhat accountable so that athletes never truly go off the rails.

Glen then discussed “the show blues” and body dysmorphia; he wanted Amanda’s take on these very important topics. Be sure to watch the interview to see what she had to say. Amanda also talked about her own journey and how she was able to cope with it while keeping to the structure required to be an athlete at this elite level.

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I love when Glen asked Amanda about 2022 in the context of muscular women, from Women’s Physique to Women’s Bodybuilding. This was another really good question where Amanda spoke quite candidly. I think what she said was truly noteworthy. She touched on topics like support and prize money.

Nothing in this interview involved softball questions or cookie-cutter answers. Glen and Amanda did a fantastic job and I strongly recommend you take the time to watch this fantastic interview!

Also a huge thank you to AmazonsFitMag for being a sponsor of StrengthAddicts and all of our platforms! Their support helps make everything you see here, possible. Thanks Glen!