What About Workout Partners?

What About Workout Partners?

In an ideal world workout partners wouldn’t just be a thought, they’d be the norm. Imagine finding someone who loved the gym as much as you. They’d never be late for workouts and if anything they’d be on your ass about staying accountable. Their #1 goal would be your #1 goal. Whether that was getting in shape, prepping for a contest, or working towards smashing through PR’s. They’d be excited for the big day(s) and they’d push you to be the best you, possible. They wouldn’t unload their problems on you, just like you wouldn’t dream of taking out your frustrations out on them. When you asked them “how’s it goin?” They’d answer with an enthusiastic “it’s all good now that I’m here; let’s kill this workout, bro!”

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The idea of having the ideal workout partner can be pretty tempting. Sadly, a great many people have tried their hand at finding this brother from another mother and failed miserably. Whether the training partner is habitually late, is a chatterbox, or is downright absent half the time, it’s enough to make even the most optimistic of gym-goer opt to fly solo.

In all my years training in Florida, Michigan, and Kentucky, I could count the number of workout partners that made it the distance. Most guys will call it quits to save a friendship. Yeah – it’s that bad.

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When you have one guy that takes training seriously and another guy who’s pretty much indifferent, it’s a bad mix. If you have a girl that wants to train for a contest and another that’s into it one day and blah on another, it’s a recipe for disaster. If you’re a hardcore lifter, you can’t be dragged down by someone who’s fickle when it comes to giving 110% each and every session. If you have to convince your workout partner to come lift, you have a very serious problem. And it’s not going to get better.

That said, a lot of people keep faith alive that they’ll find their tren twin if they keep looking. If you fit into that category far be it from me to rain on your parade.

Collabs are great – especially on YouTube.

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But I mean even take The TrenTwins, for example. Do you think they always train side-by-side? I don’t know because I don’t follow them that closely, but if I had to bet, I’d bet they train together for the cameras more than anything else.

It’s just a major pain in the ass to have to schedule your lifts alongside another human being. No two people have the same schedule and most people aren’t super-excited to have to compromise.

To a lot of people going to the gym is their release. Imagine having to time your release to work with someone else’s routine. That doesn’t sound very stress-free to me.

What’s your take on workout partners? Do you have one? Have you had one? Would you get one in the future? As always thanks for reading and be sure to visit our amazing title sponsor Titan Medical Center for the best therapies! Join Team Titan, today!