Bodybuilding Trailblazer RUTH SILVERMAN Dies

Bodybuilding Trailblazer RUTH SILVERMAN Dies

Bodybuilding trailblazer Ruth Silverman has died. The former Senior Writer of Iron Man Magazine leaves a tremendous legacy behind. Her articles, interviews, and commentaries were spot on. This larger-than-life journalist got her start in a male-dominated field that continues to see men own and operate the various fitness publications and websites. Nonetheless, Ruth always held her own and provided insights unlike many of her contemporaries. She lived and breathed fitness and you could tell it in her repertoire and her writing style.

I used to look forward to her interviews and her articles because as someone who’s always aspired to be a historian of the sport, I really appreciated her respect for the past and her undeniable enthusiasm for the future.

Anytime Ruth spoke to a competitor, they could feel the love. This is so important given how many weak reporters there are in the industry. Anyone can stand there with a microphone and bust out canned questions, but anytime you have a real professional who takes the job seriously it makes all the difference.

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I will always remember our many discussions on Facebook messenger. We often discussed the state of the support, how we both wished Women’s Bodybuilding got more love, and which competitor looked promising. I ran into Ruth at many contests and always enjoyed chitchatting with her. She was a tried and true media powerhouse and will be greatly missed by us all.