The End of Muscular Development?

The End of Muscular Development?

When I saw guys like Ron Harris, Rick Collins, and other notable writers in the bodybuilding industry bid farewell to Muscular Development it just about broke my heart. I read a great article by Kevin Grech at Evolution Of Bodybuilding and saw a few blurbs elsewhere. I also added an article at Iron Magazine, which was released Friday, and I’m now releasing a second article here at StrengthAddicts.

MD was always it for me. From battling it out on the forums to landing my very own show MD No Bull Weekly, it was always the gold standard of fitness media. It was an honor to get to know Steve Blechman and have a number of really cool calls with him. This is one of the most knowledgeable guys you will ever meet. The passion he has for muscle building, science, sports supplements and human performance are second to none. MD was a huge part of his life. And the same can be said for the regulars like Big Mike Cox, Chris “The Goon” Griffin, and guys who I only knew by their screennames. They were all about the magazine and all about its message.

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I know that right now the word on the street is that the publication is on its way out. I know that many are speculating about the message boards being down and others are simply preparing for the worst. That being said, I just don’t think Steve is going to end MD altogether. The basket of publications and websites have generated so much good will and have such strong reputations that there’s still money to be made. Lots of money if you ask me! Supplement companies need a place to advertise and bodybuilding fans need a place to go. The question is what’s next for the brand?

By ending print and possibly downsizing and cutting costs, it might create a new path forward for the company. Will Steve see it through? Will he sell? I can think of a number of interested parties that would make offers, but I think Steve should hold on and be the captain of the ship for as long as possible.

Only time will tell what will happen, but the fact that Muscular Development will no longer publish a magazine is very sad news. It’s the end of an era. It’s the end of an era that was over ten years ago, but that Steve defied for as long as he could. All praise goes to the MD Boss Man! Who would’ve thought that MD would have outlasted all the Weider publications?!?! MD is the last of the Mohicans and may press on.

Always remember that Steve could have sold the magazine 10-15 years ago for a shitload of money. Why didn’t he? Because of his love of bodybuilding. And it’s that same love of bodybuilding that I think will keep him from selling it today. If he doesn’t absolutely have to sell it, I think he won’t. But for the millionth time in this article, the real question is, what’s next? What’s to come? If MD continues, in what capacity?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and staying as optimistic as is realistically-possible.