The National Physique Committee (NPC) and IFBB Pro League were put on blast this past week on the network television program Inside Edition. Christian Duque of StrengthAddicts received multiple phone calls and text messages from NV, FL, NY, MD and several other states asking if he’d seen the airing of the clip. This coverage delivers another massive blow to the two premier physique-based federations in the United States. The exposé comes during a lull from a barrage of Washington Post headline articles that sent shockwaves throughout the fitness industry. Inside Edition has also posted the clip to their YouTube channel which has over 11 million subscribers.

On another front, the much-anticipated Ron Howard documentary will surely put more pressure on the U.S. government to look into the activities of both federations. There’s growing speculation that two cases may be coming down from the Ohio Attorney General’s office. Although both federations are based in Pittsburgh, PA, they have significant ties to the State of Ohio. If Ohio is looking into them, it’s very likely that the DOJ, more specifically the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may already be scrutinizing their filings.

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The Inside Edition investigation has already alarmed countless individuals within the NPC. As of press time, three promoters have left the NPC for the rival IFBB Physique America, led by Wayne DeMilia. The first promoter to publicly break was Brent Jones. Jones owns the Kentucky Muscle brand and landed a strategic affiliation with the prestigious Kentucky Derby Festival. Brent promoted the two biggest NPC contests in Kentucky and was a regional powerhouse in his own right. Once Jones defected, the next big fish to go was Rich Siegelman. Siegelman, who owns Kutz Promotions, is a former NPC Chairman of Maryland and ran three highly successful contests in Maryland for the NPC. The third promoter to break was Tim Estell, one of the youngest and hardest working promoters in the federation. All three men left the NPC and have become Chairmen of Kentucky, Maryland, and Virginia, respectively, for the IFBB Physique America. They will have contests in 2023.

Jim Manion
Jim Manion – The Aging President

It’s one thing for the NPC to be on the front page of The Washington Post week after week, but now it’s on network television? And on prime time no less? What’s going to happen once the class action lawsuit spearheaded by Lisa Bloom of The Bloom Firm starts deposing key officials? What happens when this case goes to court and Jim, Tyler, J.M. and Gary Udit (just to name a few) start getting subpoenaed? Could you imagine the public outcry that would ensue from headline articles, network tv exposés, a Ron Howard documentary AND a class action lawsuit all at once? That’s a lot to deal with for a bunch of former meter readers to deal with. I mean, let’s face it, these guys will never be confused with the inventors of the Rubix Cube. One of them is still actively sending out text messages trying to defame promoters who have defected. I mean how stupid is that?

NPC Lawsuit
A likely judgment will surpass $40M

If the front page Washington Post articles, network television exposés, and the upcoming documentary don’t get the federal government’s attention, the Ohio criminal case(s) and the class action civil suit will. While the NPC and IFBB Pro League fall apart, Wayne will be building the IFBB Physique America into a powerhouse. More NPC promoters and officials will start defect. It won’t happen over night, but if anyone says that the NPC has taken a substantial beating over the last few months, I’d say they’re deep in denial. I’d say they’re delusional.