Natural Test Boosters?

Natural Test Boosters?

Nothing works like testosterone.

I’m not a doctor and I have zero medical training but I think even the village idiot can confirm this assertion. It’s that patently obvious. And the reality is that testosterone is a natural hormone found in both men and women. As we age our testosterone levels start dropping. For men this can happen as early as their late 20’s. Most guys notice significant changes in their ability to train like they did in their early 20’s by their mid 30’s. Their recovery times are far greater, their libido dips, and energy levels just can’t be restored no matter how many energy drinks get crushed. The kind of energy they need isn’t found in a carbonated beverage. Whether guys opt for TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) these are treatments that require the attention of a medically-trained and certified healthcare professional. The process always starts with a check-up and blood work.

Blood tells the story.

John Tsikouris, Founder & CEO of Titan Medical Center

Ever since the witch hunt against PED’s (performance enhancement drugs) started with the Anabolic Steroid Act of 1990, the federal government through it’s aging out-of-touch gray haired legislators, have been demonizing testosterone. The fact is when I talk about TRT and HRT I’m speaking of FDA Approved therapies administered by licensed healthcare professionals. We’re not talking about buying drugs on the black market and we’re certainly not talking about ingesting or injecting any number of unknown substances from unknown sources. That said, countless individuals who aren’t privy to the fact that TRT and HRT are as legal as getting a script for Viagra or an anti-depressant find themselves getting duped by a wide array of websites selling “the next best thing” to testosterone.

Many proponents of SARM’s (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) claim them to be “as good as testosterone without all the side effects.” This is wishful thinking at best and empty hype at worst.

The fitness industry is replete with empty promises, fabricated studies, fake reviews and outlandish promises. Many of the purveyors of SARM’s will stress their products are “not for human consumption” all the while showing pictures of jacked athletes claiming improved workouts, faster recovery, and higher libido in their ads. They’re promising all the benefits of testosterone but claiming the remote side effects like raised blood pressure, possible hair loss, and possible acne don’t happen. Not only don’t they have a leg to stand on per any reputable study or even scholarly journals, what they’re saying is patently untrue. Further to that when they boast about their purity tests and the immaculate state of their facilities – this too can be totally made up. Most of these “labs” are glorified garages selling unapproved chemicals as dietary supplements.

If there isn’t a nondescript cargo van with blacked-out windows parked nearby, give it time.

Christian Duque

These are the kind of people who toss FDA warning letters in the trash. Getting raided and/or being imprisoned is just business as usual for them. They don’t care about the consequences and they sure as hell don’t care about your health. It’s a money grab! Simple and plain.

“Natural Test Boosters” are seemingly way safer. In fact they’re so safe they may not actually do anything. I’m not sure what’s worse, selling unknown chemicals masquerading as having the same effects of test when they’re no where near it – or – selling a bunch of tea leaves and weeds to guys paying top dollar and getting nothing like what testosterone would do.

Any natural test booster that claims to increase muscle size is backed by ZERO scientific research. I don’t care what they say in their ads! There is no empirical data on natural test boosters that stands up to FDA scrutiny. If there was, it would be prescribed! These companies are misleading the public. It may not be illegal as it’s covered under commercial speech and it has all the little crosses and asterisks to cover their asses with microscopic fine print buried under all the fancy holograms and huge bubble letters, but they are not selling anything that’s even remotely comparable to testosterone. If anything they might as well be selling sugar pills.

And get a look at some of these prices! One natural test booster’s MSRP is over $200! What’s crazy is that for just a little more you could get your medical, bloodwork, and month’s TRT/HRT from Titan Medical. If you’re paying upwards of $300 a month for natural products you hope will be similar to testosterone you’re going to be very disillusioned. You’re going to think there’s something wrong with your diet when maybe your diet is fine. God forbid guys eat less! Eating less – especially less quality fats and proteins – may reduce what little natural test you have. Others might alter their training, lifting less and less poundages while taking longer and longer rest periods to allow their battered bodies to catch-up. Those who go this route end up stopping all training within time. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Nothing works like testosterone.