HRT For Women

HRT For Women

HRT for women goes far beyond treating menopause. There are women from all walks of life with varying degrees of physical activity that may require different therapies. This would normally go without saying for men, but many women feel as if there’s nothing out there for them in terms of medical therapies that could dramatically improve their quality of life.

As humans we all require an appropriate balance between testosterone and estrogen. Yes, guys have estrogen. And yes, women have testosterone. These hormones are not gender-specific but their regulation is critical for happiness, longevity, recovery from grueling workouts and a healthy sex life – among other things. That said, I’m NOT a doctor and have ZERO MEDICAL TRAINING, but I’ve been reading health journals and fitness magazines for the better part of two decades. I’ve conducted thousands of interviews in the fitness industry and penned hundred of articles. I base my opinions on interactions – some on the record and some off – with countless male and female athletes at all levels. Everyone who’s taken the time to get their hormones checked and regulated boasts of a better life!

Getting a full blood panel is the best way for a licensed medical professional to understand how to best help you. No one offers better prices for bloodwork – for men and women – than Titan Medical Center. They serve 49 out of 50 states through Telemedicine and they can get you set up in minutes!!

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That said, there’s far more than hormonal therapies which can help improve life for women. At Titan Medical there’s therapies for medical weight loss, hair/skin/nails and overall immune health. While some therapies require prescriptions, others do not. And not all therapies are injectable. For example, the revolutionary ECA Plus Stack comes in a blue & white capsule that provides endless energy and appetite control without any crash or jitters. TMC offers real pharmaceutical grade ephedrine without any fillers. This is very important as countless OTC supplement companies have duped countless gymgoers with misleading product names and dubious-at-best ingredient lists. That’s the difference between dealing with snake oil salesmen in the fitness industry and a licensed, widely-respected clinic like Titan Medical!

John and Sharisse own and operate Titan Medical Center

When it comes to customer service it doesn’t get any better than Titan! Whereas many clinics are all about the profits and you never really know who you’re dealing with, at Titan the owners’ presence is undeniable. They do a number of weekly programs – both on television as well as throughout social media. They’re visible and extremely approachable at any number of NPC and IFBB Pro League bodybuilding contests that Titan Medical sponsors, fitness expos, car shows and beauty pageants. John and Sharisse are very active in their business and they believe that patient care and customer service are hallmarks to their continued success. You won’t find owner that care more – anywhere!

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If you want to learn more about hormone balance and/or any of the many therapies offered at Titan Medical I would encourage you to visit the website and shoot them an email. If you’re not quite ready for that just yet, at the very least follow Titan Medical on social media. They have an incredibly active Instagram and Facebook. They’re also on Youtube, Tiktok, and Twitter.

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