Natural Gyno Treatments…

Natural Gyno Treatments…

According to the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia gynecomastia is “the abnormal non-cancerous enlargement of one or both breasts in males due to the growth of breast tissue as a result of a hormone imbalance between estrogens and androgens.” Once this enlargement takes place, it normally is accompanied by excess breast tissue which can only be removed by surgery. While there are pharmaceuticals which can reduce swelling, there is no product in existence which can remove tissue, much less spot-remove it. Could you imagine taking a pill or powder that would magically remove tissue from a site-specific part of the body? That’s patently absurd. The same goes for applying creams or gels over trouble spots and thinking the tissue and/or fat will magically go away. That’s the sort of nonsense that ab creams have been hanging their hats on for decades. The same goes for herbal teas. When’s the last time drinking a bunch of brewed twigs and leaves regained fertility, cured mental illness, and/or optimized hormone levels in the endocrine system?

Diet doesn’t remove tissue.

It’s truly sad to see supplement companies, authors, and quacks in lab coats on trying to trick people into thinking there’s a non-surgical way to remove gyno. Eating vegan, paleo, or keto won’t do it either. While there are some cases of pseudo-gyno that can certainly be made to be less noticeable with medications, that’s still a case of masking – not treatment. Sometimes surgery is the only option on the table. And what’s also very telling is that one surgery may not be enough. Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) has been said to have had two gyno surgeries. This is a condition which may be recurring depending on a variety of factors. While it can be hereditary, it’s extremely common with individuals who use hormone-based performance enhancing drugs. In fact, not knowing how to take these powerful compounds can directly bring up about unwanted tissue growth. Keep in mind that gyno is caused by hormone imbalance.

That said, millions of people have varying types of gyno. Unless you’re ultra shredded and/or competing in physique-based sports it may not be much of an issue for you. Take powerlifters, for example. This isn’t a knock on overweight people, but if you’re fat already and you have gyno, I’m sure it’s not flattering but you’re not going to be guest posing anytime soon. A great many strength-based athletes are overweight and some are even obese. They’re not concerned with their bodyfat percentages; they’re looking to destroy PR’s. What do they care about gyno?

Moreover, some types of gyno don’t look like female breasts. Still, the person can feel lumps and/or notice some puffing and/or nipple sensitivity. This symptoms might be manageable with medication and thus make surgery unnecessary.

Interestingly, there are pro bodybuilders that have varying degrees of gyno, and some even place well. in fact some have won some pretty big titles, which is a little mind boggling considering how unsightly it is, but a lot of judges will overlook it.

Treating the condition really depends on the person and how important it is to them. There’s a great many folks who will avoid surgery at all costs. They will only subject themselves to it if medically necessary. It’s just not that big of a deal to the vast majority. I will say, however, that in the fitness industry it can seem like a pretty big deal. If your goal is to be an influencer or champion, gyno can be a major setback. This is, after all, a scene dominated by chest, arms, and six-pack abs.

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For others, pain is what prompts them to seek treatment, whether that comes in the form of pharmaceutical to reduce flare-ups, tenderness, and/or pain or surgery. If any of these symptoms arise and/or simply to see whether or not someone has gyno to begin with, it’s absolutely imperative to see a licensed medical professional. No one should self-diagnose or Google what they think is wrong with them. That never gives you good answers and you may find yourself buying useless products from companies that are profiting off your naivety and desperation. You could spend anywhere from $10-20 all the way to hundreds and see no improvement. To reiterate, no pill, powder, cream or tea is going to remove breast tissue.

If you think you have gyno and/or if you’ve been diagnosed with gyno, then consult your doctor as to what options are best for you. While there are certain, limited instances where medical insurance can cover gyno treatment (if you’re psychologically affected for example), most surgical options are considered cosmetic; therefore, most insurance carriers won’t cover it. It’ll come down to how much of a problem it is for you. Maybe doctor-prescribed medications might be the better option for milder cases, but maybe surgery will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. That’s a personal decision only you can make.

And one last thing, do your research – especially if you’re a bodybuilder – before picking some random practitioner to do the procedure!! Not all plastic surgeons (I hate that term by the way lol) are created equal. While gyno surgery is a very simple procedure (in theory), I’d suggest going to a surgeon frequented by bodybuilders as opposed to some random person off the Yellow Pages.

Again, if you’re a physique-based athlete, then the look of your pecs and the symmetry and flow of your muscle is your bread and butter. This would not be the procedure to save a few buck on or cut corners. Some guys even opt to go south of the border to save a grand or two. That’d be a BAD MOVE if you asked me. Just saying.

Good luck!