It’s All About The Bloodwork

It’s All About The Bloodwork

If I was to say what was one of the most important messages Titan Medical Center sends out to the fitness community it would have to be their emphasis on getting blood work done regularly. Whereas other clinics are all about the upsell TMC puts its patients’ health and well-being above all else. As I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now no single human is identical to any other single human. We’re all wired differently and have different needs and limitations. The same way you couldn’t eat what Jay Cutler ate and get Jay Cutler results, you can’t expect to get on his exact supplement protocol and get the exact same results he would. The vast majority of people involved in weight-training and competing know that each person requires individualized-everything. What I mean by that is that every person needs to have a diet programmed for them, a training routine that takes their strengths and weaknesses into account, and an approach to supplements that makes sense. What works for Shaun Clarida won’t necessarily work for Brandon Curry. If Tom can run X amount of test or X amount of MK that doesn’t mean Paul or John can do the same numbers and get the same results. Moreover it’s pretty clear based on layman’s observations that hormone therapies – on their own – aren’t life threatening. I for one will always remember the classic John Romano line “show me the bodies.”

From what I gather – and I have zero medical training – synthetic exogenous hormones don’t put anyone in the ground; however, there are other factors to consider. If someone has a preexisting condition or a history of family-related genetic issues at play, then this person could in fact do themselves irreparable harm by taking ANY medication – OTC or otherwise – which could compromise their situation. Critics being hasty as they are might say this is the reason why no one should ever consider testosterone replacement or other therapies. The critics always like to go to the extremes! To these skeptics everything is black or white, good or bad, but they’re vision is limited in my opinion. 

There is something that allows everyone to at least give hormone replacement therapy a try. Again we’re talking about medications here – not drugs. We’re talking about patients, not drug users. When we’re talking about Titan Medical Center we’re talking about state of the art clinics, staffed by licensed and trained medical professionals, prescribing pharmaceutical-grade therapies available in 49 states (excluding Idaho [for now]) through in-person consults and TeleMedicine. Something that could allow for everyone to at least consider HRT/TRT as an option is blood work and Titan Medical has the best prices for men and women in the entire fitness industry!!

Think of bloodwork as being the ultimate information superhighway on YOU. It has all the information possible. If you have heart issues, cholesterol, if you’re pre-diabetic or anemic, it will tell it all. Also – like everything else – studying blood has seen amazing advances. There are full panels that give trained medical professionals the ability to see everything! These tests also allow for excellent monitoring.

Even in patients without preexisting conditions and/or family histories of conditions, routine blood work is an excellent way to monitor the introduction of new medications and to familiarize medical practitioners to how each individual patient responds to different treatments. This might mean needing less or needing more. It might also give medical staff insights into improvement of conditions and/or when/why to discontinue therapies. The blood has all the information within it. This is why Titan is so adamant about making sure its patients are always doing everything possible to live their best lives possible. They put health above all else and that most definitely includes profits. There’s plenty of money to be made – the right way – and that’s why Titan has become the most respected name in hormone therapies in the fitness industry. There’s no shortage of copycats, but Titan rules the roost. 

That said, there’s a lot of recklessness in our sport. Lamentably, we’ve seen some very promising and beloved bodybuilders leave us way too early. We’ve heard from the talking heads and we’ve heard from the fans. Everyone is talking about health and more or less trying to reinvent the wheel. They’re talking about how federations could implement multi-tiered approaches at ensuring that athletes’ health is a priority. Some of the examinations they’re talking about could easily break the bank and that still might not address the problem at hand. What if all top athletes followed the Titan model of getting routine blood work done? Surely we can all agree that going to a clinic that was founded by and is run by bodybuilders understands what strength and physique-based athletes are going through way more than your mainstream healthcare professionals would. They know how serious you take the sport and they know you’re pounding in the food and training hard in the gym. These insights are worth their weight in gold and they offer invaluable perspective insofar as patient-care goes. This familiarity will also lend itself in being able to read your blood panels more effectively. Again, this comes back to knowing what you’re looking at. And while I can’t stress enough that I have zero medical training, I do have the ability to make observations.

I know that medical school and/or clinicals don’t do much in terms of getting doctors ready to deal with bodybuilders. I’ve heard the horror stories of competitors being rushed to ER’s where they could have died receiving assistance by doctors administering treatments that are correct by the textbooks and correct by the vast majority of the population but which could put a bodybuilder on depleted calories and myriad of compounds (including diuretics) in the ground. The treatment(s) would NORMALLY be correct, but when dealing with the adherents of a niche sport, I believe it’s very important to deal with medically-trained professionals who have more patient knowledge and that includes understanding the insanity so many strength and physique-based athletes put themselves through.

In the end, your health should be your top priority. With Titan Medical that goes without saying. If you’re interested in exploring hormone treatments or any of the other cutting-edge therapies offered by Titan Medical, make sure to get your bloodwork done – and get it done regularly!