Amazons Fit Mag Tour!

Amazons Fit Mag Tour!

Photographer and visionary Glen Young will be in Butler, PA and Pittsburgh, PA from November 11th through the 13th and November 30th through December 4th in Orlando, FL, shooting for AmazonsFitMag an official sponsor of StrengthAddicts! if you’re a muscular lady – from Bikini to Bodybuilding – and you want a chance to be featured in the magazine or get some of the best photos possible, then I highly recommend you book a time slot to get shot by one of the most gifted photographers in the fitness industry.

I’m a firm believer in companies that promote muscular women the right way. I have often said that muscular women command tremendous interest from fans of all walks of life. If you ever go to a big expo you can see firsthand what I’m talking about. There’s so much interest in how they train, how they pose, and the example they set that it will totally blow your mind! It’s nothing like what you hear from the trolls online, that I can assure you of. People don’t turn away from athletic women – quite the contrary – they celebrate their accomplishments and they want to know more about them and their journeys.

Good Press Is KEY!

The fact is women who lead disciplined, structured lives tend to strike a nerve with those who want to control women. Think about it. Who are the people who poke fun? Who are the ones that make the ignorant comments? It’s people who are insecure and narrow-minded. Women who eat clean, train hard, and live their best lives tend to put out exceptionally positive vibes. They’re all smiles, they’re happy, and they grow the sport. If you’re chasing your dreams then you want to work with people that value you and value your efforts. I can’t think of a better magazine to be featured in than Amazons Fitness Magazine. I mean their motto says it all!!


As soon as you visit you read the line “All Women Are Wonder Woman.” And when you scroll down and read the mission statement you know what this publication is all about: “dedicated to the Women of Female Bodybuilding, showcasing physiques of the most beautiful women in the world of competitive fitness.”

I’m not here to throw shade at other publications, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find another magazine as supportive of athletic women as AFM! If you’re anywhere near Butler or Pittsburgh, PA, or Orlando, FL, be sure to book soon! And if you’re not nearby, I’d still consider traveling out and booking. It’s a great investment in YOU!