Started at 400, Lost 200+!!

Started at 400, Lost 200+!!

Learn all about Korisa Michelle and her fitness journey. This is a young woman who knew she had to make a serious change. She didn’t do it to appease others – she did it for herself. She didn’t have any surgeries, she hasn’t used drugs, she did it through some trial and error, weight-training, clean eating and lots of patience. To embark on a journey like this, you can’t let disappointment knock you off course. You can’t let the scale or any other external factors distract you from the goal at hand. There needs to be a great deal of patience and consistency. If you’re going to do it the right way, it’s imperative that there be attention to detail. To say that Korisa has learned a little about her body and how it responds to different types of food, different approaches to training, and/or even what supplements to take, would be the understatement of the century. You can’t, not know, because every day is a learning experience. I think this, too, is where she discovered her interest in wanting to help others.

This 30yr old up-and-coming personal trainer from Michigan, has intentionally kept her before photos visible. It’s very important, particularly with transformation folks, that they see where she started. It’s both a source of inspiration and a foundation which commands credibility. While it’s true that knowledge is in textbooks and acquired through on the job experience, when dealing with folks who have battled obesity for a lifetime, they’re none too impressed with people who have been in shape their whole lives. Some folks can eat everything but the kitchen sink, on the daily, and never gain a pound. In reality, it has nothing to do with training or discipline – they just happen to have insane metabolisms. What do they know about suffering? Have they ever been fat-shamed? Do they know how cruel the world can be? Maybe yes, maybe no, but for the general assumption is, they haven’t the faintest clue. And that matters.

There’s a reason why so few, morbidly obese people ever make it into a gym. Psychologically, the mere notion of doing so, can be traumatic. To a lot of heavy people, the gym is anything but a sanctuary. It’s a place where all “the beautiful people,” congregate. They don’t expect to be greeted with open arms, they expect to be mocked, ridiculed, and not even made fun of behind their backs, but right to their faces. After all, they don’t belong there, right? This is where the jacked people go, with their shredded abs, and their perfect lives. Again, this may sound like a bunch of bullshit to you, but as an obese person myself, the gym was one of the last places on Earth I ever wanted to go to. And while I’m in A LOT better shape now, obesity is very much an addiction. You never actually win the war, but each day is a battle where you can prevail. And having a coach who can relate, is a total game-changer!

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Korisa keeps her photos up for this reason. People need to know it can be done, but they want to see more than words. Not only has she lost substantial amounts of weight, her goal is not to go from being obese to being a bag of bones. Neither extreme is healthy! There is a better way and fitness will help you get there! Korissa isn’t advocating “a diet” or even “a transformation,” she’s all about promoting healthy lifestyles. Not everyone needs to compete or be a personal trainer, but they can look and feel like a million bucks for the rest of their lives!

Being in shape doesn’t have to be grueling. Sure, like with anything new, there’s going to be a period of time where assimilation might not be a walk in the park, but once you hit your stride, you won’t be able to get enough. Every workout done, will provide you with a real sense of accomplishment. Eating for satiation and not gluttony, will also change your entire relationship with food. Your mindset will evolve as well. Everything will fall into place.

That said, all of these great things take time. No one can snap their fingers and just change the hand their dealt. Fortunately, Korisa wants to show others the way. She’ll accomplish this through her upcoming website, an Ebook in the works, and more media appearances. She’s ALL about sharing her journey and trying to inspire others!

Media outlets and programs should definitely consider having Korissa Michelle on as a guest. We’ve already done two interviews for StrengthAddicts IGTV and I can tell you she’s an amazing guest! She prepared for the interview, promoted it throughout her feeds, and was very interactive with the Live audience. As someone who’s conducted hundreds of interviews, I can tell you that she’d be a great guest on a variety of different platforms. Further to that, I don’t want anyone to pigeonhole her into the bodybuilding category. Obesity has become an epidemic. It affects children, adolescents, adults and seniors. It should be everyone’s goal to fight it. And as with anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Let’s help Korisa Michelle get the word out on how she saved her own life, and how she might help others do the same with theirs!!