Teresa Motta Speaks!!

Teresa Motta Speaks!!

Be sure to check out our great interview with face of Amazons Fit Magazine, the one and only, IFBB Pro Teresa Motta. She’s a muscular woman who has worked very hard to build a physique that’s a true extension of her personality. While she’s a highly accomplished athlete on stage and gets a mountain of coverage, she’s very quiet and super humble. It’s kind of weird in a way because you’d expect someone on this level to be full of themselves and not make any kind of time for those who follow her. Teresa’s a prime example of why you should never assume!! Not only is she all about talking to the fans, but she did a great interview with us and really dug deep to give me the most honest answers to my questions. When you watch this interview, you’re going to really get to know this amazing athlete!

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Teresa Is Honest, Humble, & Driven!

Teresa loves where she is in life. She’s a wife, a mom of twin boys, and a pro athlete. She’s extremely grateful for all the support she gets at home and from her extended family as well. She spoke highly of her family back in the Midwest and even how supportive her mom and siblings are. We also discussed how youthful Motta looks, proving the point that muscle truly is the fountain of youth. Muscle has a true rejuvenating factor for women and I saw this first-hand covering multiple years at Masters Nationals. While men seem to fall apart the more they train and compete, women reverse the aging process. Teresa is a prime example of this.

Teresa’s Has Built Her Dream Physique!!

We also spoke about how Teresa discovered fitness. She spoke about how her and her husband used to own a CrossFit gym and how a gentleman named Blake did a show with Teresa and sparked her interest for physique-based sports. We should thank BLAKE because Teresa has truly done something wonderful with bodybuilding and fitness. And it goes to show you that everyone discovers the sport differently. Some start with high school sports, some buy a magazine, and some get started through CrossFit. Even years after selling the gym, Teresa maintains many of those close friendships and you get a sense that her circle includes a lot of truly wonderful people.

Other parts of the interview touch upon some real life situations, like where Motta really had to dig deep, like losing her dad. As I told her on the interview, no one is ever ready for something like that, and it really puts folks to the test. Everyone has a different process for grieving and getting back to 100%. We also took the opportunity to address mental health and the importance for taking that seriously – especially in the fitness industry.

There’s a lot to this interview. As I said, once you watch it, you’ll feel like you know Teresa a lot more. I hope you follow her on Instagram and show her tons of support. She truly deserves it!