IronMag Labs, StrengthAddicts Reunite!!

IronMag Labs, StrengthAddicts Reunite!!

First and foremost, Happy New Year to everyone reading this article. I hope it finds you well and I hope that you’ve set out realistic goals for yourself in the new year. The biggest problem with lofty resolutions is the inability to live up to them – it’s almost like setting yourself up for failure from the start. Assuming you’ve set some attainable goals, I wish you nothing but success in achieving in them. And if you didn’t come up with any goals for 2024, please don’t wait till 2025 to do so. You can work on some goals right now and work towards them. The first few steps (e.g. the first few days and weeks) will be cumbersome, but every great journey starts with simply putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t ever looking back!

Speaking of journeys, you’ll need good food, smart training, and high quality supplements!

Make your mark with IronMag Labs!

Christian Duque
MD No Bull Weekly 2017-2018

I’m so happy to announce that IronMag Labs is once again the title sponsor of and all of our social media platforms. I’m extremely grateful to my former title sponsor Titan Medical Center. We had a great run that lasted well over two years as title sponsor and supporting sponsor. They were absolutely awesome to work with, but I made a decision going into 2024 after many conversations with my good friend Robert DiMaggio of IML regarding which company would be the best fit for StrengthAddicts moving forward. Rob and I have been friends for many, many years and with IML advertising on all the major websites again, we talked about joining forces.

I’ve been writing ten articles a month for Iron Magazine since a few months after my work as IML’s Marketing Director came to an end back in 2018. While that job ended, our friendship never skipped a beat.

It’s very important to always remember that if you’re friends with powerful people – in this industry or any other – than you keep friendship and business separate. I will never forget when I had to let go of our biggest star on IronMag TV and then I got let go the very next day. While I didn’t know for a fact my last day was to come, I was waiting for the call.

I’m only sharing this to highlight that I’m not sitting here simply preaching, but that I actually practice what I preach. And even though friendship and business shouldn’t mix, I could tell Rob felt really bad and he went out of his way to soften the blow. He’s a super kindhearted person (in a very anabolic kind of way lol). Nonetheless, I understood that what we were doing with IronMag TV wasn’t paying the bills and I thanked him for the opportunity to oversee it. A couple of months later he asked if I could write articles for Iron Magazine and I’ve been writing them ever since. I’m super proud of every single one of them!!

IronMag Labs – cutting edge supplements!

Just a couple weeks ago, Rob sent me a huge box of supplements – totally out of the blue – and I must say the product line looks amazing. I mean he’ll send me a bottle or two if I ask, but to just send me a huge box like that was totally unexpected and very kind of him.

If you know anything about IML, it’s a company that puts out really impressive products that have helped countless people lose fat, gain muscle, and perform better in the gym, the office, and the bedroom! I’ll be doing plenty of product reviews in addition to all my usual Instagram LIVE videos, reposting and celebrating everyday athletes (true to the site’s founding purpose from 2008), and of course plenty of bodybuilding news! I’m so excited for 2024 and everything I’ve got planned.

Another reason I decided to team up with IML again is because the company has a number of great products that can used by natural athletes. I started covering shows again – now with the NGA – and I wanted to work with a company that had products its athletes could use.

I took StrengthAddicts to NGA contests in Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, and Middletown, OH. I hope to be able to cover shows in a least a handful of other states to add to Kentucky and Ohio in 2024. I may also cover shows from other federations but I want work primarily with the NGA.

I also want to work closely with Louisville-based promoter Brent Jones. Brent’s KentuckyMuscle is a very powerful brand and I’d like to brainstorm ideas to keep him very active in the sports scene. He’d bring tremendous insights to the NGA, especially if he brainstormed with promotional powerhouse Josh Miller. I also really want to help the NGA River City Classic in any way that I can.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll have my webmaster build after all these years.

August 2012

I’m very excited to be working directly with IronMag Labs again. There are a lot of memories here and I hope that this partnership makes many more. Please be sure to keep it tuned to and all of our social media platforms. It’ll be a fun year. And… MAKE YOUR MARK WITH IRONMAG LABS!!