Ms. Olympia Natalia Coelho Speaks!!

Ms. Olympia Natalia Coelho Speaks!!

Natalia Coelho is a champion by all accounts. She’s one of the hardest workers on the Women’s Physique Division pro circuit and has been paying her dues for many years. While she’s always taken top placings, there’s a difference between being 2nd or 3rd and being #1. Being the winner means you get all the accolades, you get the biggest check, and you have the bragging rights of saying that no one – on that given day – was better than you. These are the perks of being the winner, and despite the fact some might make the argument that everyone who competes is a winner, that’s 10th place talk. There is only one person who can say they prevailed. For those who place Top 5 or even Top 10, that’s usually a huge honor because it means they’re on the right path towards greatness. Those who take 3rd and especially 2nd have a lot more to process psychologically. Some just can’t do it without whining about politics, throwing shade at winners, or threatening to quit the sport. Not Natalia.

You couldn’t ask for a better sport. You couldn’t ask for a better role model. All those years she was taking runner-up and second runner-up at the Olympia she was always a joy to be around. She was always super congratulatory for the winner and always one of the first people on social media talking about what a great contest was put on and how happy she was to have been a part of it. And rest assured it wasn’t her being PC, it was Natalia being Natalia. How do I know? I know because I know her and because I’ve see what the PC approach looks like. It works once or twice, but when you’re consistently inches away from winning, people just can’t hide who they are and what they’re really about. I don’t care how good of actors they may be.

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Ms. Olympia Speaks!!

What’s emotionally and psychologically trying for folks who have really stood the test of time – like Natalia – is that there was never anything left to do. There was nothing left to improve. Look at Jay Cutler all those years. He beat the champ the first time he took 2nd to him and there were other years where he had him on the ropes. What, if anything, could a judge tell a strong 2nd place finisher? All they really can say is keep coming back, keep doing what you’re doing, and keep your chin up – your time will come. And THIS is Natalia’s time.

There’s one person who you can expect to fight like there’s no tomorrow at the 2023 Ms. Olympia Women’s Physique and that’s Natalia Coelho. When you have have fought tooth and nail to get your title, the last thing you want to do is lose it. She knows she won fair and square in 2022, but she also knows the competition will be fierce in 2023. Even at the very top of her game, you can rest assured she’ll still work on making improvements and she will continue to listen to the coaches. The biggest mistake a champion can make is to stop accepting constructive criticism and to stop looking at what the competition is doing. Trust me when I say that Coelho will leave no stone unturned.

Natalia will also continue to work hard to grow the sport. She’s always gone out of her way for the fans, giving interviews, and making appearances. So far she’s already appeared at posing clinics, fitness seminars, and done several interviews. I highly encourage you to watch her IG LIVE interview with StrenghAddicts !! I think we covered a lot of ground and touched upon a great many topics. To say I’m to the moon about her win would be the understatement of the century. I am so proud of her!!