IFBB Pro Skylar Lanier Speaks!!
by Christian Duque

This interview gives the viewer/listener a bird's eye view of Skylar's impressive fitness career, from how she discovered physique-based sports
to her first contest. While some competitors have a relatively short amateur career, for others it's truly a learning process, filled with many great
memories. As a member of the media, I can tell you that the pro athletes who have battled, carried on through tough placings, and had the
resolve to always raise the bar, are the types of folks who go onto to become legends. Skylar is well on her way to doing just that.

As the co-owner of The Factory Gym in Manassas, VA, she's a driving force in the regional fitness community. The gym, known as The VA
Mecca, is a state of the art facility, that offers an unparalleled variety in machines, free weights, and ample space for a variety of different
programs, operating simultaneously. In addition to her work with the gym, Skylar is an NPC co-promoter, working alongside the legendary, NPC
Mid Atlantic Zone chairman, Mr. Gary Udit. The fact that Skylar and her husband, Jason, have partnered up with Gary is huge!!

As a professional athlete, Lanier, also lends her knowledge on posing seminars, webinars, and does media appearances like the one for
StrengthAddicts. It all goes back to one of Gary Udit's core principles for growing bodybuilding - a strong commitment to customer service. It's
no surprise that Skylar is successful at everything she does because of that will to succeed. Great things  don't just happen, they require hard
work and real vision!!

I hope you enjoy my interview with IFBB Pro Skylar Lanier. Please leave your feedback in the comments and if you're ever anywhere near
Virginia, make it a point to buy a day pass, and train at The Shop Gym!!