Jerry Ward is one of the most recognizable names in
today's ever-competitive fitness industry. Unlike many
who have risen to fame and fortune through fads,
Jerry did it the old school way, sharing education on
training, nutrition, and supplementation on building
quality muscle. Although the internet gives users
access to a world of information, a great deal of it is
utter rubbish, so what Jerry does plays a vital role in
keeping aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts
on the right path.

In addition to all the education he shares, Jerry also
discusses current events in the industry, providing
insights that only someone with his level ofexperience
can. He can do this because Jerry was once an active
competitor with an impressive contest record. Hailing
from the DMV, the same region made famous by IFBB
Pro Kevin Levrone aka "The Maryland Muscle Machine."
Jerry Ward