Vegan Gains - Youtube Channel Shutdown
by Christian Duque

It seems that Vegan Gains channel has been shut down due to violating YouTube's Terms of Service (TOS). The channel
has been know for controversial videos challenging a number of fitness industry icons over a variety of topics, ranging from
training to supplements to health. One of the driving forces of the vlogger was his love of animals, the environment, and
promoting a vegan lifestyle; however, another component of the format, was the host's own outspoken, unabashed rhetoric
and sarcasm. Although I can't say I was a fan, I did watch some of his videos, and while his research abilities insofar as
nutrition, training, and natural supplementation seemed impressive, I didn't really get it. I think VG was a channel which
largely appealed to the younger audience, who also watches the likes of Jason Blaha, Brad Castleberry, and others. At 40
years of age, I may be getting older, but I'm just not as easily entertained.

Entertainment aside, many Youtubers confuse their 1st Amendment free speech, with free speech on social media
platforms. Further, anyone who is a Youtube Partner, earning Google Adsense money, is held to two more stringent
standards. The First Amendment is also only applicable only to public forums and/or places with enough state action
involved, that constitutional safeguards could be employed.

The issue of censorship is always present. I don't like restraints on speech; however, VG's channel often times went
beyond the limits of good taste. At one point, Vegan Gains wanted to publish a video of his grandfather dying from a
heart attack, as a means to get people to adhere to a vegan diet. Another video seemed to mock a fellow YouTuber,
Furious Pete, for getting cancer. Again, VG insisted that Pete should renounce eating meat and that eating meat was a
main reason he was potentially dying from the illness.
The channel in question pushed the card, but in some instances, he went so far that it resulted in people reporting him to
Youtube, including the authorities. I feel bad that his channel was removed and I hope that YouTube would give him
another chance, provided he meet several conditions. I would even be ok with him earning revenue, but all bullying
should end, for whatever the reason.

I feel that cyber bullying and harassment has become such a major issue online, that the duty to eradicate it, no longer
falls on our government, but on social media platforms as well. I don't like censorship, but it does have its place, and
private social media platforms are not public forums. Private websites have the right to set their own rules, especially if
they're earning income through advertising. Google sells ad space to companies, these companies generate income as a
result of their investment. I don't know of too many companies who'd want to have their ads (which they also pay money to
design) appear on videos where people are being tormented - again, for whatever reason. Let's even go out on a limb and
assume that VG was simply advocating, imploring someone to do what's right, that still wouldn't make a difference, largely
because of his cinematic style. A lot of companies don't want to be associated with outspoken, sometimes crass, often
times over the top antics.

In conclusion, I hope that a solution can be reached on this matter, but as of now, Vegan Gain Youtube Channel is no more.
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