Christian Duque: Welcome to, please take this opportunity to
tell the audience a little bit about yourself.

Samantha Stefanski: Hello, thank you for the opportunity to interview with you. My
name is
Samantha Stefanski, I'm 5'7'' and weigh about 126 on season and currently
130 off season. ( I am still dieting back up from my last show)I live in Anchorage, Alaska,
originally moved up here from Chicago with my family n my younger years. The gym I
love here is the Alaska CLub there are many locations and I like to pick the slower ones
to allow me to move about freely through my workouts, not having to wait on machines is
always a plus in my book!

Christian Duque: Take us back to when you first got started weight-training, who or
what inspired you? Did you have support from friends and family?

Samantha Stefanski: I have always gone to the gym but never trained the way I do
now. I will admit, I was a "cardio bunny" afraid of lifting weights for the reason many
women are, I didn't know how and I didn't want to get bulky. I started making small
changes in my life and noticed results with them, as in my diet and adding in more
weight training. Then you see all the well known fit women and they look so AMAZING,
why wouldn't you want that kind of bod to strut around in. Prior to these changes, I was
working  (3:30pm to 10:30pm serving tables) 6 days a week, going to school (8 am to
1pm) 4 days a week. So once I began working 9-5 with two days off I felt like I had more
time on my hands to focus on me. Then it just became part of who I am, it was normal for
me to either be coming or going to the gym. My friends are very supportive of my fit
lifestyle, I am so happy to hear it. I have inspired many of them to keep going and not
give up. I  never would have thought changing my life could influence someone else
change theirs, that is very motivating.

Christian Duque: In terms of training, when you walk into the gym, what's your goal?
Do you work with iron, machines, solo or with a workout partner? Is your cardio based
on machines, outdoor exercise, or group classes?

Samantha Stefanski: Great question, I knew I wanted to take the work I was doing at
the gym and apply it towards something more outside. I sat on the fence about it for a
while, with encouragement from a couple friends I ended up deciding to go for it. I have
always looked more at NPC competitors and that has been my biggest inspiration in the
sport. The 4/19/2014 Judgement Day show was my first. I trained myself for it, you can
find literally anything on the internet, if you want it, you will go after it and get it. I still
have a full time job where I can work up to a 10 hour day at times, and I am continuing
my education. I put in a lot off work between keeping my life balanced and training. I am
very happy with my choice to compete, I cannot wait until the next show.

Christian Duque: What's your favorite muscle to train, and why? What would you like
to bring up in the future?

Samantha Stefanski: I am an early bird. I like to get my workout in before I go to work.
It's like a daily treat to myself to spend that time without distractions or stress. I get up to
work out at 5 AM every morning, get done by 6 and have breakfast and relax. I prefer to
workout alone, I am always changing my routines looking for ways to challenge my body
and prevent any plateaus. I do a cross of everything i do box work, ploys, free weights,
resistance training, probably the only thing you will rarely see me do is a lot of steady
state cardio. I do enjoy soccer and running races or a good run on a nice day, but that
is not going to help shape my body the way I want, so for me, it is not a staple in my
routine. I will randomly take a group class, I did the Zumbathon my gym held for
American Heart Association. I also enjoy yoga.

Christian Duque: What's your favorite muscle to train, and why? What would you like
to bring up in the future?

Samantha Stefanski: Currently my favorite muscle is the glutes. Its the largest most
powerful muscle in the body so you can really push your limits on this one. I would like to
see more with my arms. I am naturally bottom heavy so working my upper body at first
was a challenge for me to build it.

Christian Duque: As far as nutrition goes, what does a typical day's menu/macros look
like for you?

Samantha Stefanski: I follow IIFYM diet. I'm not a believer in subbing your meals for
shakes. I do have a protein shake now and again, there is nothing wrong with it, I add a
lot fruit and veggies into mine when I make them, But I wouldn't trade out my breakfast
for only a shake. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and really sets the tone for me
coming into work full and satisfied. Right now I am into this french toast with Ezekiel
bread, non fat greek yogurt mixed with sugar free jell pudding in cheese cake flavor,
crushed graham cracker and strawberries, its like dessert for breakfast but with less fat.
I am currently at 50% Carbs, 20% Fat and 30% protein for my reverse diet. This is my
first time doing this so I am just watching my bodes response and adjusting accordingly.

Christian Duque: The fitness industry is very demanding and in order to succeed in it,
you need to be driven & committed. What are some of your short and long-term goals in
the field?

Stefanie Stefanski: I would say I am driven. When you take the time to search the
internet and read various pages on how to train and diet yourself for a show like this,
you are committed. I found Beautiful to the Core and Layne Norton (Bio Layne) both
highly helpful in my journey to the stage. I have short term goals of continuing my
education in fitness and a long term goal of obtaining my Pro Card.

Christian Duque: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!! Please take this
opportunity to thank all those that have helped you along the way. Also, please let your
fans know where they can go to keep up to date with you.

Stephanie Stefanski: I would like to thank everyone who believed in me and
encouraged me to get on stage, my friends I inspire, that right there is motivation on
days when I myself don't even want to get up.
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