Christian Duque: First and foremost, I'd like to thank today's guest, Nikki Politi, for taking the time to
do this interview. She's a fixture in the NPC, always promoting a positive image, and inspiring
countless people in the process. Nikki, thanks again for doing this. I see you everywhere at contests,
so maybe lets start with some basics. Please tell us a little about yourself and maybe a fun fact.

Nikki Politi: Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!

My name is Nikki Politi ( Not Nicole ;) lol ) I was born and raised in New Jersey. I'm a full time student,
currently studying Dental Hygiene. A fun fact that people may not know about me is that I am an
enthusiast of roller coasters! I love the thrill! And I also have a passion for rescuing dogs; I have 3!

Christian Duque: Let's go back to when you first discovered fitness. Who or what got you involved
with weight-training? Were you active in sports in high school? Also, did your diet change at all the
more you got into lifting?

Nikki Politi: In high school I played soccer and took dance classes. I also started working at a local
gym; that my father had been weight lifting at. He introduced me to lifting, and I was hooked! My diet
relatively stayed the same until I started competing.

Christian Duque: For most people, even those who build quality physiques, the stage is uncharted
waters - the idea of competing is quickly removed from the equation. Who or what inspired you to take
what you'd built in the gym to the stage? Also, which came first, competing or modeling?

Nikki Politi: Easy question! Janet Layug inspired me tremendously to hit the stage. She is super
confident during off season and prep. Her positivity, dedication, determination and motivation
encouraged me greatly.

Modeling did come first. Before fitness modeling, I modeled for Lord and Taylor, BCBG, and Ugg.
Competitor, Model, Promoter
Christian Duque: Your modeling shots are fire!! Please tell us  more about this part of your career,
some of the best photographers you've worked with, and maybe any photographers or shoot ideas
you have on your bucket list / wish list.

Nikki Politi: Thank you very much! I love modeling. Scheduling photoshoots around my competitions
allows me to look back at those photos as motivation for my next show. Capturing those moments, of
my physique looking a certain way, inspires me to be better the next time! I have worked with some
amazing photographers! I would love to have a photoshoot with J.M. Manion and Samuel Lathrop.

Christian Duque: With regards to the NPC, primarily the NPC Mid Atlantic Zone, I see you everywhere!
You're a fixture backstage with Olympia Tan, you work with BB Custom Suits, and probably many other
great companies. What's it like being involved with so many great people and what advice would you
give your fellow competitors in regards to building and strengthening business relationships and
networking in the industry?

Nikki Politi: I absolutely love being so involved in the NPC, especially the NPC Mid Atlantic Zone!
Working with the companies I have has introduced me to so many amazing people. I have made
wonderful friendships through Olympia Tan, BB Custom Suits, and the NPC Mid Atlantic Zone. Being
backstage and listening to the competitors' different journeys and goals are super inspiring! The best
advice I can give competitors towards building relationships in this industry, is to be yourself, and to
be grateful. Everyone working backstage is there to help the competitors. From expeditors, to DJ’s, to
the Olympia Tanning Team - we're all there to help you in any way we can!
Christian Duque: As if you weren't already doing enough, 2020 will see you as the proud co-promoter
of the 2020 NPC XCalibur Cup!! That's SO COOL!! Please talk to us about this amazing opportunity to
co-promote, alongside the legendary Gary Udit, and put your heart and soul into this contest! From
what I've seen, you've already done a considerable amount of work, and we're just in January!!

Nikki Politi: Thank you!! I am really excited! The NPC Xcalibur Cup will always hold a special place in
my heart because it was the very first show I ever competed in! I am extremely honored and eager to
co-promote with Gary Udit. Gary is very knowledgeable and already has taught me so much about
promoting and what exactly is involved in putting on a bodybuilding show. It's just the beginning.

Christian Duque: Going back to competing, because even I have mistakenly assumed you were a pro,
what are your plans relative to earning IFBB Pro League status? You definitely have the physique,
posing, and work ethic, but there's only so much time in each day.

Nikki Politi: My dream is to become an IFBB Pro! I am always working on my physique and posing.
There's always, always room for improvement. I start my days early so that I am always working
towards goals. Whether its school and homework, meal prepping and the gym, and now The NPC
Xcalibur Cup, I am continuously trying to make the most out of my days.

Christian Duque: Over the many years of doing interviews, I have come across a great many people
who have taken years, sometimes decades to be able to get on stage. The fact they haven't, didn't
have so much to do with them, as it may have with their significant other, family, or friends. What
advice would you give a person who wants to follow in your footsteps, who wants to try competing, try
modeling, but has zero support at home or at work, to do so?

Nikki Politi: First and foremost the inspiration has to come from within! Not everyone will understand
competing and modeling because so much work goes into it. But if you believe in yourself, that’s all
that matters. Crush your goals for YOU! There are also many groups on social media that are
supportive and understanding about competing and modeling. During the competition season there
are many posing seminars and Q & A sessions that the NPC Mid Atlantic presents. This can also be
a way for like-minded people to connect!

Christian Duque: As Gary Udit always says, it's all about customer service. Competitors who compete
in our zone, are always beyond impressed. I've been given greeting cards, received emails, it's
amazing. How important is customer service to you and how important do you think it is to taking
bodybuilding to the next level?

Nikki Politi: Customer service is exceptionally important. Gary Udit has always told me to ask for
feedback from competitors, because without them, there is no show! I would love to hear what
competitors like or don’t like about shows so that I can work on putting on the best possible show I can

Christian Duque: Once again, I'd like to really thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please
take this opportunity to thank those who have helped you get to where you are today. Also, please
share any link you'd like so that your friends and fans can stay up to to date with you.

Nikki Politi: Thank you very much for interviewing me! I would like to thank Gary Udit for giving me the
opportunity to co-promote The 2020 NPC Xcalibur Cup and all he has done for the NPC/IFBB. I would
also like to extend a huge thank you to Mike Kamdar, owner of Olympia Tan, for helping, guiding and
teaching me throughout this amazing journey. I would also like to thank BB Custom Suits for making
me feel and look my best with the perfect stage suit, jewelry, heels, and overall positive
encouragement! And of course my family and friends who have given me an enormous amount of
support through the years of bodybuilding!