Christian Duque: It's been a while since we last had you on
You're looking absolutely amazing! Even though this question may be pretty old, talk to us
about what influenced you to make the decision from going from a Female Bodybuilder on
the Rise to an equally promising Women's Physique Competitor.

MRP: Thanks a lot for having me here again! It's always a pleasure! When I first started
competing, my plan was to do Figure,
so I went to do my entry for my first show ( 2009 NY
Metropolitans) and
Steve Weinberger, from Powerhouse Gym, came to me and told me
straight up that I had NO chance in Figure because of my body structure and muscles and,
since there wasn't
WPD at that time, he told me to do bodybuilding as a lightweight. I
listened to his advice and won the show...then I was hooked! I went up all the classes in
bodybuilding (lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight, when I did my last show at the
2012 Arnold Amateur and took the 4th place, weighting 140lbs). Now I compete around
129lbs in WPD. For my first show, I was only 120lbs.

Christian Duque: Are you still working with the same Trainer/Coach and how did your
contest prep change from Women's Bodybuilding to Women's Physique? Harder, Easier, or

MRP: For the last 2 shows I worked with my husband Justin Miller, who was my coach
since I started competing but,
since living with your coach can cause stress in the
, for the 2013 Arnold Amateur I had the pleasure of being prepared by Oscar
(then my schedule got too crazy and for the last 2 shows, Justin and I did what we
learned from Oscar and added it to the experience we had from the past, which gaves us
great results). Oscar still helps us anytime we have questions and need some advice.
and Justin are awesome and passionate for what they do! I couldn't be in better hands and
I'm very lucky for having them in my life!
A good coach is the one who cares about their
athletes and pushes them to their best and make them believe they can reach the stars!
Oscar and Justin do it like nobody else!

The prep was almost the same for Women's Physique and for Women's Bodybuidling, in
terms of diet and cardio. What changed from bodybuilding to physique is that I started doing
higher reps instead of heavy and low was as hard anyway. For legs, we kept
training like we did in Bodybuilding...just upper body we went from 8-12 reps to 15-20 reps.
It shaped my body differently and I like the results. Another thing I had to do was stop
training delts because they were too big for WPD.

Christian Duque: You always bring beautiful, feminine structure, whether to the stage or a
photoshoot. How much of your Brazilian roots come into play with your fashion and overall
style in clothing & posing?

MRP: Thank you! It's true about Brazilian girls having something to them that is different
and interesting!
I think it's because we usually carry a friendly and happy attitude, we are
always smiling and love colorful clothing. Brazilian people are no drama.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about what changes you made - physically, mentally, and/or
spiritually from the Arnold where you placed very well to the USA's where you won the

MRP: That's a good question, because this was the time when I developed myself the most
in every area (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Before I started my prep for the Arnold, I had decided I wouldn't compete for a while, had
other plans and then, had a big loss that made me very sad.
That's when Oscar Ardon,
who is friends with
Justin for a long time, came into my life and helped me getting ready to
do the  
2013 Arnold. The prep was a therapy for me, I had a goal, I had a plan and I had
something to be inspired by.
Oscar brought a new light to my life and made me
inspired again.
 He taught me about the power of my own mind and thoughts and how to
work them to my benefit. As I started training my mind, my physique improved like never
before. I learned that Everything is connected and you will only reach your full potential
when you master your mind, body and soul. And I'm still learning. The more you practice it,
the better you get at's almost like a Jedi training. :)

Christian Duque: I'll just ask you this straight-up - what did it feel like winning the USA's &
turning Professional?

MRP: That was the best day of my life!!!! I was actually getting ready for the North
, at the end of August but Justin took a look at me weeks before the USA's and
told me to send in my entry for the show because he thought I was good enough to do well (
considering that 1st and 2nd places get a pro card).
I went there without much expectation,
since my goal was the North Americans,
and when they announced me the Overall
Winner, that was the most awesome thing ever! I was so happy!

Christian Duque: You brought a very impressive, very Maria Rita Penteado Signature
package to the Tampa Show of Strength. What, if anything, did the judges tell you needed
to improve? You just barely missed the Top 10 for your Pro debut out of 35 women - that's
awesome (I had you placing higher tho)!

MRP: Thanks! That was, for sure, the best Maria Rita Penteado yet. I loved everything
I brought to the stage. I asked the judges what should i do, if I should get a little bigger and
they said "no, just a drop tighter", so that's the plan for the next show: to get a drop tighter.

Christian Duque: What are your plans for the future? Please take this time to thank those
that have helped you in 2013, any links to social media for you fans, and any other
comments you may want to share.

MRP: My plan for next year is to try and qualify to compete at the WPD Olympia. I want to
be part of that big show! I would love to do more contests but, since I pay for all my
expenses, I have to think carefully about what shows I will do.
I am looking for a
p with some company that will believe in my potential, a serious company that I
can promote and represent with class and professionalism, while working to reach my goals.
Everything I do is to inspire other people to always fight for what they want and know that
they can do anything they set their minds to.

Nothing great was ever achieved by just one person, so I'm very happy to thank this
wonderful team of people that made me who I am today:

I would love to thank, first and foremost,
Justin Miller for being so supportive and helping
me to reach my dreams.

Thanks to
Oscar Ardon and the Team O for all the help, advice, motivation, inspiration and

Thanks to Bev and Steve from Powerhouse Gym for always guiding me in the right
direction and being supportive.

Thanks to Caron Hospedales for making the beautiful suit I wore at the USA's and in

Thanks to all my friends and fans for their immense support and love.

Thanks to
StrenghtAddicts for the interview and support since the beginning.

I would not make it to here without you guys. Thanks to all of you for believing in me and
appreciating what I do. It means the world to me!
Maria Rita Penteado - "MRP"
has developed a sizeable fan
base from English, Spanish, and
Portuguese speaking countries.
She just barely missed the Top
10 in her Pro Debut and
continues to make key
improvements on her physique.

She would be a great addition to
any serious company looking to
do business in the U.S., as well
as expand in the very lucrative
Latin American market.
Aside from carrying a package of
very feminine muscle,
MRP is a
very beautiful and sexy woman
not limited to the stage. I have
often felt she would be a great
fitness model in the vein of Jamie
Eason or Ava Cowan.
"MRP" was very proud of her
look at the 2013 Tampa Pro, her
Pro Debut. If this is a preview of
what's to come, expect great
things from her on & off stage!
Maria Rita Penteado é uma
competidora profissional IFBB na
Women's Physique. Ela é
brasiliera, mas mora em NY. Assistam
os videos excelentes de
Maria Rita na
academia e na competicao!

"Gostaria de agradecer muito pelo
carinho dos amigos e fãs do meu
querido Brasil. Consigo sentir a energia
positiva de vocês daqui. Um grande
beijo do fundo do coração. Beijo
especial aos meus pais!
Mensagem da Maria Rita Penteado para os amigos brasileiros
Maria Rita Penteado es una
competidora Profesional del Físico con
IFBB. Ella es de Brasil y vive en
Nueva York con su marido.  Maria Rita
trabaja duro en el gimnasio, mantiene
una dieta estricta, y pasa mucho tiempo
en sus rutinas de poses.

Hizo con mucho éxito la transición de
Culturismo a Physique; se hizo
profesional casi de inmediato. Pero
aparte de su éxito, ella mantiene a sí
misma disciplinada para conquistar
IFBB Women's Physique Pro MARIA RITA PENTEADO - Aka "MRP" - Featured!
Saludos de Maria Rita Penteado para sus amigos Latinos!
Lembrem-se sempre: os segredos do sucesso são: nunca desistir do que
você quer e trabalhar duro (e constantemente ) para alcançar seus
objetivos. Foco, força e fé!"
nuevas alturas.Asegúrese de que permanezca atento a muchos más
grandes acontecimientos en su carrera. Yo creo que un día, en un futuro
muy próximo,
Maria Rita luchará por su primer título Olympia - y ganará!
Christian Duque's