It’s a great honor to have Jeff Schuerman with us today. Jeff is a former national
level NPC Bodybuilder, an NPC Contest Promoter, NPC Judge, business owner
and Contest Prep coach. Jeff is a very busy guy, but in this industry, that's a true
blessing. I'd like to thank him for taking the time to do this interview for

Christian Duque: So let’s jump right into the interview. Please take us back to
the early days, when you competed, met your awesome wife Angi, and how you
transitioned from competing to prepping clients and judging.

Jeff Schuerman: I started competing in 1981 at the age of 15  and competed in
body building and raced bmx. Bmx was about 6 months a year and body building
the other 6.  At the age of 19 I won the teen KY title. At 20 I quit racing and
focused on body building . After winning a few local shows I decided in 92 to
focus on going to national shows and met Angi at the gym I trained at .She was
training for her first show. I competed nationally for 5 years and started judging
at this time on the local level. Eventually started judging at the regional level and
then on to the national and pro level.

Christian Duque: With regards to promoting contests, you and Angi co-Promote
the NPC Natural Kentucky and the NPC Northern Kentucky Grand Prix, along
with Rick Bayardi and Gary Udit. How did you get involved with promoting
contests and what were the first few shows like in terms of everything coming

Jeff Schuerman: Angi and I got the opportunity to promote the Natural KY and
Nky Grand Prix from Gary and Rick. The first couple of shows we're a learning
experience but with Gary and Rick's experience it was a smooth transition.

Christian Duque: With regards to geographic location, you have Cincinnati
across the river, which is fantastic, but with Louisville and Lexington at both over
an hour away, how is it that you get so many folks from those cities to get on your
stage? How important is it to have great working relationships with other Kentucky
promoters to ensure all contests are a big success?

Jeff Schuerman: Having shows that are well ran and making sure that it's a
good experience for the competitor and the audience is what makes us
successful. The other promoters in the state let us advertise our shows as
well as we do the same for them and this makes Ky shows so strong.

Christian Duque: In terms of the Northern Kentucky scene, your contests are
housed at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, a very modern hall that’s
ideal for Contest growth, and just steps away from several excellent hotels and
restaurants. I think it’s safe to say, y’all hit the jackpot with the venue and
lodging - wouldn’t you agree?

Jeff Schuerman: Yes our venue the Nky convention center and host hotel
embassy suites makes the whole experience nice because you can park your
car and never have to use it until it's time to go home because of all of the
amenities we have in walking distance.

Christian Duque: With regards to your contests’ title sponsors, you have a great
relationship with Affordable Athletic Supplements. Please talk to us about the shop,
your relationship with It’s owner Trevor Workman, and how what it’s like working
with them.

Jeff Schuerman: Trevor is a great title sponsor who really cares about the
shows and the competitor's. His shop carries alot of different athletic supplements
and he has internet prices at a shop you can walk in to and get the personal touch
and knowledge. Also he let's Angi and I use his studio for posing classes and boot
Kentucky Judge, Promoter, JEFF SCHUERMAN Speaks!!
Christian Duque: Moving away from your contests a bit, tell us a little bit about
your other life. Anyone who’s connected to you on social media knows you clearly
love motorcycles, and from the looks of it, you like the ones that are lightning fast.
Tell us a little about that, longest trips, and where’s the real sense of freedom -
simply riding , hitting a certain speed, or simply just thinking about the experience?
Also, does going from the bikes back to cars feel incredibly boring?

Jeff Schuerman: Motorcycles are my favorite thing to do in my free time. I'm an
avid track day rider as well as enjoy just riding and seeing the scenery. Race track
riding and the speed and strength you need to wrestle a superbike around a track
is a pure adrenaline rush. Cars don't compare to the freedom you feel on a bike.

Christian Duque: Ok, back to the business of bodybuilding, how excited should
everyone be for the upcoming NPC Natural Northern Kentucky? Who’ll be judging,
any linked events (eg armwrestling, powerlifting), and/or any surprises? Also give
us any social media links, websites, and/or other information.

Jeff Schuerman: The up coming Nky Grand Prix is set for March 23 , 2019 and
is a good National Qualifier to start off the season to get nationally  qualified and
a great show to do for your first show as well due to how well it's ran and judged. and Nky Grand Prix Facebook page for more information.

Jimmy Hornback: Jeff, one of the most important things a competitor can do is
make sure they enter and compete in the appropriate division.  Explain how they
can ensure that happens and know they are in the right class?

Jeff Schuerman: Get with a respected prep coach or a judge for a physique
assessment and they will get you in the right class.

Rick Bayardi: The importance of treating the athlete in the correct manner, from
the time they enter the checkin until the time they exit the stage, is very important.
How important is great customer service in having a successful event?

Jeff Schuerman: Great customer service to the athletes is why our shows
continue to grow.

Gary Udit: Jeff you’ve been promoting events for a number of years now. What
has surprised you most about the myriad of duties of a successful promoter?

Jeff Schuerman: The amount of work that it takes to put on a show. There are so
many little details besides the big obvious ones is probably the thing most people
don't know. We do have KY armwrestling at all of our shows . Thanks Christian for
the interview. Jeff