Christian Duque: Ela, thank you very much for doing this exclusive interview for Please take a
moment to introduce yourself to our audience.

Ela Leahy: Hello my  Strength Addicts! My name is Ela Leahy aka "Star". I am 37 years old and I am 5'6". Originally
from Poland, I currently reside in Bayonne , New Jersey. I love to train at different gyms for variety but my local
hometown  gym is
New York Sports Club. I compete in the National  Physique  Committee (N.P.C.) in the bikini Open
and Masters divisions. My contest weight is about 118 lbs. with my off season weight around 130 lbs.

Christian Duque: Take us back to your school/college days. Were you involved in sports and if so, which ones? How
athletic of a person would you say you were growing up and who/what inspired you to get involved with weight-training?

Ela Leahy: Looking back on my school/college days in Poland, I was very active in local sports with swimming, track
and basketball . I also studied ballroom dancing. Fitness and weight training was not popular in my small home town in
Poland at that time.
Before coming to the US, I remember purchasing some local fitness and beauty magazines which
inspired me learn more about fitness.
On my way to the United States, I didn't  take much but I made sure I took my
fitness magazines. Once I got here I joined the gym and started exercising. And this is where couple years ago I met
IFBB Pro Monica Long and have been training with her and All Star Bikini since.

Christian Duque: I find that the transition between training for yourself and deciding to compete usually involves it's
own separate motivation. What exactly got you thinking about getting on stage and vying to be the best in the sport.
Was Bikini your first & only choice - or did you weigh the pro's & con's of the other four divisions before deciding?

Ela Leahy: I always like challenges and was motivated by pictures that IFBB Pro Monica Long showed me of her
competing . I was amazed at her transformation  and how well she looked .
Monica also competed in the Open and
Masters division and I wanted to achieve the same fit and healthy physique.
I always preferred to compete in Bikini
division - I viewed this division as the sexiest, most achievable and most feminine !

Christian Duque: With regards to your physique, you've built very shapely, sexy glutes. In Bikini, I've always believed
"glutes win shows." What's your approach to glute training, and how much cardio, if any, do you do to maintain your
flowing physique? Do you bounce around machines or keep to one throughout your whole workout?

Ela Leahy: Thanks for you viewpoint! Glutes are critical in the Bikini division! I include many of basic exercises in my 2
weekly leg workouts such as barbell squats and leg presses. Squats and lunges are very important to build beautiful ,
shapely and round glute muscle. I also include machines in my leg workouts such as leg kick backs, leg curls and leg
I am certified DVRT ( Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) on Ultimate Sandbag instructor. I like
to use Ultimate Sandbag in my leg workouts. Sandbag training gives me a very high intensity cardio and strength
workout- an all in one workout ! In addition to sandbag training, my cardio workouts include biking, stationary bikes and
stair master and arc machines. I target at least 45 minutes daily with each workout .

Christian Duque: As far as diet goes, how many meals do you eat per day, and what place do meal-replacement
shakes have in your daily diet, if any? Do you normally eat meals you prepare, or, have you found restaurants that offer
meal options conducive to your lifestyle?

Ela Leahy: My diet consists of three main meals with several snacks in between. I include protein and recovery shakes
after my training. I prepare all my meals ahead of the time and include the basics - fish/chicken/egg whites with carbs
such as brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potatoes + green veggies : fresh salad, asparagus , kale, peppers , stream
beans. I don't eat out , but prefer cook for myself.
NPC Bikini Competitor - ELA LEAHY - Exclusive Interview
Christian Duque: With regard to supplements (brands aren't important - unless you're signed or want the attention of
a particular company), what are some products you'd say make part of your must-have's? What supplements would you
say comprise your arsenal (protein powders, aminos, pre-workout powders, etc).

Ela Leahy: My must have's include whey protein shakes and multi vitamin supplements + calcium and omega-3
fish oils
. I don't use any pre-workout powders, all I need to start my  morning training session is coffee and half cup of
oatmeal .
Amino acids are a part of my diet plan and I drink aminos while I workout. I like to have my protein shakes
after each training, sometimes I add fruits or unsweetened cocoa powder to it.

Christian Duque: In terms of the fitness industry, what are some short and long-term plans you'd like to realize? Do
you see yourself in the sport for the long haul?

Ela Leahy: Fitness is my lifestyle , has a great impact on my mind and my body. I am very happy when I exercise ,  I
don't like to skip my workouts. I see myself in the fitness field and  I am trying to make lifelong career with it. I would like
to educate others about fitness training and the positive things about living a healthy lifestyle. My goal is train and
compete as long as I can with my ultimate goal of winning an
IFBB Pro Card.

Christian Duque: Let's talk about the fans and social media. How important is it for each athlete to spend time
marketing themselves? How much time do you spend on social media per day/week? And how important is answering
fan-mail and networking with others to you?

Ela Leahy: Social media is a game changer for athlete promotion . It is the best way for help athletes to promote
themselves  to a large audience . For example , having a website or Facebook page will help build a following of fitness
fans and can even develop business partnerships. I check my Facebook daily to see what is happening , post pics of
myself and give feedback or respond to questions.

Christian Duque:  In terms of competing, are you done for 2014 or might we see you at Nationals? What's the game
plan girl?!

Ela Leahy: I plan to compete this October/November  in the NPC Gold's Classic, the NPC Eastern USA  and the East
Cost Championship
. Hopefully , you will see me at the Nationals!

Christian Duque: Once again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time for speaking with us. At this time, please thank all those that have helped you along
the way. Also, please let your friends & fans know where they can go to keep up to date with you (website, fb, twitter, IG, youtube, etc).

Ela Leahy: Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be in Strength Addicts ! I would like to give special thanks to my coach and my
mentor IFBB Pro Monica Long
for her constant help and support at all my shows. Thank you to coach Steven DePaola for giving me a great tips on
posing . And also a big thank you to my
family and friends for their support and understanding.

Thank you to all my fans! You may contact me at Facebook -
Ela Leahy . You may also see more of me at my team website - all star bikini,