Hector Mendoza Takes Tennessee
By Christian Duque

Something very interesting is happening in The Volunteer
State, as rising star Hector Mendoza has carried out a
series of bold moves that will have a direct impact on his
future in the fitness industry. The well-respected
photographer, largely associated with Muscular
Development and MD Latino, also worked extensively with
Max Muscle Report, which up until recently covered all TN
NPC contests. Hector, a TN native, works regularly in the
state, in addition to his national and international jobs.
For most of his career, like many photographers and videographers in our industry, Hector
worked for others when it came to contest coverage. A former competitor, himself, with
impressive contacts and relationships to his credit, Mendoza could write his own ticket, and
has. Upon leaving MMR and learning that their contracts in TN were expiring, Hector seized
the opportunity to piece together his own proposal. He assembled a team that will see him
shoot contests, employ a videographer, and have local pro’s conduct interviews. The quick-
thinking and hard-working photographer, now, has the contest coverage rights to all, but one,
TN contests for 2020!!

Max Muscle Report will continue to cover Whitney Wiser’s contest, shot by the legendary
Dan Ray. Dan is an extremely sought after photographer and his association with MMR, may
very well be the linchpin to Max Muscle’s presence on the TN scene.

2020 will be a big year for Mendoza. It’s one thing to be a great photographer, but it’s quite
another to run a new contest coverage outfit. I, personally, think he can do it. What’s
interesting is what Hector will do when it comes to compensation, creative freedom, and
recognition. How will he treat his people? How will he be different than the others in the
game? If he creates the kind of organization that photographers, videographers, and writers
want to be a part of, then we could see a lot of people knocking on the door, wanting to work
with him.

Also, if Hector focuses solely on contest coverage, this, too, may be a huge feather in his cap.
As with Mandus Buckle, Max Muscle is part of a greater empire that also includes coaching
and beauty services. If Hector stays in his own lane with coverage, this may also bode well for
him relative to contest prep coaches and hair/makeup companies, who
already have more than enough competition among themselves.

2020 will be a big year. Congrats to Hector!! Let’s see what he can do in Tennessee!