Christian Duque: Welcome to, please take this opportunity to
introduce yourself (name, age, ht, wt [contest and regular], hometown, and home gym.

Tiana Kostic: My name is Tiana Kostic, age 29, 5'5, 117lbs (contest) 125lbs (regular) from
Hamilton, NJ. I currently workout at WOW (Work Out World) in Robbinsville, NJ.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about why you chose to compete with the WBFF and also, why
you chose the Bikini Division? What has your experience been like? (In this question you
could include all the contests you've done and/or your proudest title).

Tiana Kostic: I decided to compete in the WBFF after attending at Fitness Atlantic event the
year prior. Tony Horton was going to be there and my husband and I  purchased tickets to
workout with him, as we were big
P90X fans at the time. After the workout was over, I saw all
these beautiful tan and toned women getting ready to go onstage in beautiful costumes and
gowns. I immediately thought, wow, I would love to do that someday... A couple of months
Lori-ann Marchese WBFF Pro, reached out to me in November 2012 and told me she
thought i would be a perfect fit for the bikini model division and encouraged me to compete at
Fitness Atalntic show in April 2013. I had already wanted to, but hearing from another Pro
that she thought I would be perfect for the competition? I was sold and registered for my first
ever fitness competition.

Christian Duque: I think with the passage of time and greater exposure for Bikini, people are
starting to realize that Bikini Competitors actually train - and train hard in the gym! Talk to us
about what a week in the (gym) life of Tiana Kostic consists of. (breakdown days/muscle
groups; maybe include cardio or group classes - if you do either).

TIana Kostic: I train hard! And long! I am a client of Total Body Advantage and during my
12 week prep for the WBFF Worlds, I trained 6 days a week, lifting and cardio.
Coach Doug
would switch up my routine about every 3 weeks or so. My typical gym day would consist of of
approximately 7 or 8 lifting exercises anywhere from 5-7 sets, lifting heavy, followed by a
cardio session of 140-170 bpm for 30 mins. Depending on where I was in my prep, I would
also have an evening cardio session for 30 mins, 140-170 bpm, or HIIT for 30 mins, and as
the competition got closer, fasted cardio in the mornings.
Christian Duque: As we start to wrap up the interview, I'm sure many of the ladies reading
this want to know what kind of protein, multivitamins, and/or other nutritional products you
take. You don't have to include brands, unless you feel extraordinarily loyal to them. So
what's in your arsenal?

Tiana Kostic: I take a multi vitamin and vitamin D in the mornings. With every meal I take
CLA, Fish oil, taurine, lysine and arginine. Pre and post workout, I usually sip on my
(Watermelon is my favorite) and added glutamine. During contest prep, I also use
Cellucor D4Thermal Shock, WS1 and their HD Fat Burner and CLK.

Christian Duque: Please take this opportunity to thank all those that have helped you along
the way and also please let your fans know how they can keep up to date with you (facebook,
twitter, instagram)?

Tiana Kostic: I would like to thank my coach, Doug, of Total Body Advantage who told me I
could win from our first conversation. His workouts have allowed me to push my body to limits I
never thought I could achieve. I also need to thank my wonderful husband Rob who
constantly supports me and puts up with my clean eating routines, mood swings and stress
induced rants during competition prep. I would also like to thank the
WBFF and Paul Dillet
for welcoming me into their family of Pros.
Christian Duque: I believe Bodybuilding contests are decided from the Back. Similarly, I
believe Bikini shows are won or lost from the back - only with Bikini, we're talking about
bottoms. Talk to us about how you break down your quads/hams/glute training. What are
some of your secrets to building a championship butt, not to mention one that looks amazing
in a pair of tight jeans?

Tiana Kostic:  I actually train my lower body 2-3 times per week. My butt is where i needed
the most work because before this I never really had one! My quads are more dominant
muscles on me than my glutes, so many typical glute exercises, such as squats, my quads
would fatigue before my glutes. Deadlifts, one legged weighted bridges, box jumps and
weighted kickbacks are my favorite glutes exercises in that I really feel my muscles working as
i perform them. The majority of my cardio also consisted of the step mill which I feel has
drastically help change the shape of my derrière.

Christian Duque: Let's talk nutrition. How many meals do you consume per day - and how
much water do you try to drink? Do you eat/drink based on your body's hunger/thirst - or - is
everything measured, timed, and written down?

Tiana Kostic: I eat typical 6 -7 meals per day depending how long Im awake for. I try to drink
at least 1 gallon of water per day and aim for 1.5 gallons.
I eat every 2.5-3 hours, even if Im
not really hungry. I do weigh my food, usually 4oz of protein, 4oz of veggies, 2oz of carbs and
1 tablespoon/14 cup of fat.
WBFF Pro Tiana Kostic - featured!
Keep an eye out for TIANA KOSTIC this Saturday at the 2013 WBFF WORLDS - Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV