Christian Duque: Welcome to, please take this opportunity to
introduce yourself (name, age, ht, wt [contest and regular], hometown, and home gym.

Shela Roles:

    Shela Roles
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 123 contest, 130
    Hometown: Springfield, MO
    Gym: Fitness 19 Springfield, MO

Christian Duque: Talk to us about you first interactions with Bodybuilding and/or
competitive physique sports. Also, when & why did you first start weight-training?

Shela Roles: I was a very heavy kid growing up. When I started high school, I knew things
had to change! I was raised to be a strong, independent woman and I wanted my outside to
match who I was on the inside. I started playing soccer, tennis, softball, running and biking. I
tried to watch what I ate. I didn't really start lifting until college and that is when I really started
to change. I instantly fell in love!! After college, I became a certified personal trainer because
I really wanted to help others change their lives for the better. I remember reading an article
in one of the women's fitness magazines about a figure competitor. I loved her body and
knew I wanted to look like that. I accepted the challenge and in 2009 started training for my
first competition. Its been my life since.
NPC Figure Competitor Shela Roles - featured!
Christian Duque: There's a great many people that workout, and workout very seriously,
but few that compete. What inspired you to get on stage and what are some short and
long-term goals you have for the sport?

Shela Roles: I was inspired to get on stage by the competitors and gorgeously fit women we
all see in the magazines. I first competed in 2010 in the bikini division. After that prep, I
became very sick and found out I was having health issues because I was suffering from
adrenal fatigue. I was told I should not consider competing anymore. I couldn't live with that
"failure." I made it my goal to first get my body healthy again and then to step back on stage.
This summer I accomplished that goal! I competed again, but this time as a figure competitor!
And I maintained by health throughout my prep. Two HUGE goals accomplished!!

My next short term goal is to maintain a lean off season and grow. Long term, I am working
on making a name for myself in the fitness industry through modeling, competing and helping
others (competitors and non-competitors). And I, like every other competitor, have the goal
of becoming an IFBB figure competitor. Watch for me on the Olympia stage one day!!

Christian Duque: You've built what I believe is an incredible physique, but in all honesty -
how much of it is genetic, how much is hard work (training), diet, and supplementation?
Please give us the blue print to your success.

Shela Roles: My transformation picture speaks for itself. I do not have the amazing genetics
that some are fortunate to have. So for me, it has been all about hard work and diet! They
go hand in hand. There was a time period that I was lifting right, but didn't have my diet
correct. I saw no change/growth. So really hard work and proper nutrition are inseparable
when it comes to having the physique you want.

As far as supplementation, there are a few that I can't live without! I LOVE Dymatize products
and have been using their Elite Gourmet protein and BCAAS for years. I also use ALR's
Humapro immediately after training sessions. Glutamine and creatine are also essentials.
Christian Duque: For those ladies out there that are constantly put down - be it by a
significant other, co-workers, or God forbid - friends and family - but that want to train and
potentially compete, what advice and/or tips do you have for them?

Shela Roles: This lifestyle is one of the most positive things you can ever do for yourself!
There will always be those who do not understand your decision and do not support you.
Find those who are like minded and create a healthy support system for yourself. Doing
anything against the norm will always cause friction, but friction causes personal growth. Stay
strong and follow through with your promises to yourself. You never know who you will
inspire/motivate along the way!

Christian Duque: Whether you intended to be one or not - have you come to grips with the
fact women (and men) look up to you? That your muscle and your disciplined lifestyle have
mad eyou a role model to many? How do you live knowing that many around you look up to

Shela Roles: When I first read this question, my initial response was "ha! I'm not a role
model. I'm just me!" But when I really thought about it...we are. People are constantly
watching the decisions you make and what you do (whether at the gym, grocery store, or
work). Its just been the last couple months I've started having women come up to me and ask
what I've done to transform myself. I'm doing my very best to live up to that! And honestly,
the women I interact with (via facebook, email, the gym, etc.), have become MY motivation!
They are inspiring me to continue making healthy choices and to work even harder in the
gym! I'm also doing my best to answer other's questions, pass along the training tips I've
learned, and help women learn to love the gym the way I do!

Christian Duque: We'll have many more questions for you in a couple of months for your
interview, but for now, please take this opportunity to thank all those that have helped you
along the way and also please let your fans know how they can keep up to date with you
(facebook, twitter, instagram)?

Shela Roles: My greatest thanks goes to Stephaney Theobald, owner of Natty Nutrition.
She was my coach for 1.5 years. She laid out my nutrition plan to help recover my adrenals
and rebuild my metabolism. She taught me not to fear food, but to use it as fuel to build my
body. She is an incredible trainer, nutritionist, encourager, and friend! She helped make the
stage a reality for me this year!

Anyone who is interested in keeping up with my progress can follow me on:

Thanks so much for this opportunity!!
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