Christian Duque: Welcome to, please take this opportunity to introduce yourself to our
Full name, age, ht, wt (contest/regular), hometown, & home gym.

Sarah McDonough: My name is Sarah Elyse McDonough. Im 23 years old, 5'4. Stage weight- 110 & off season
118lbs. My hometown is Weymouth Ma and home gym is The Weymouth Club.

Christian Duque: When & why did you first get into lifting? What were you goals then, and how have these evolved
over time?

Sarah McDonough: I started weight training when I was 17. I was always an athlete but pack on the lbs and wanted to
see a leaner version of myself. The main goal was to drop some weight and be able to see muscle! Over time I have
adjusted my goals on a regular basic. Its not just about how much I weigh, its about my lean mass and all about
competing as a bikini chick!!
Christian Duque: Although we'll be discussing your prep at length during your upcoming interview, talk to us about
some nutrition basics you adhere to? Are there any good fats or carbs you could recommend to ladies just getting into
training and/or looking to compete?

Sarah McDonough: Every meal I eat contain protein. I always have a good carb source in the morning with breakfast
and also in my post workouts meal. My favorite carb choices are:
oatmeal, oat-bran, sweet potatoes, Ezekiel bread
and grapefruit!
I also incorporate healthy fats all the time, my favoritve sources would consist of: almonds, almond
butter, coconut oil and egg yolks.
Christian Duque: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. We look forward to interviewing you in the future. Please
take this time to thank those that have helped you along the way and let us know how we can keep up to date with you
(facebook, twitter, instagram).

Sarah McDonough: I'd like to thank my family and my boyfriend Marc. Since the beginning they have supported my
decision to change my lifestyle and continued to do so throughout my training for competitions and I love them all for
putting up with me during the process:)

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Christian Duque: Let's talk about glutes. Everyone wants them - men and women. To what do you credit building an
amazing gluteus? What kind of exercises do you recommend to ladies looking to bring up this part of their physique?
While on the subject - how strong are your legs? Do you squat?

Sarah McDonough: I played basketball since I was 6yrs old. I credit my muscular legs to all the intense sprinting
and basketball training from an early age.
However, have a tight lower half has always been important to me and
became a crucial focus for me during weight training. Since day 1 of my new lifting lifestyle I would incorporate legs 2x
per week. For most of us ladies, that seems to be the area we carry most fat. I split my leg days up 1 day quad focused
and the other hamstring! I highly recommend dead-lifts and walking lunges...they are my absolute favorites! I do squat
on both days of course:) I like to focus more on getting LOW rather than weight but I usually go up to 135 for my squats.
NPC Competitor Sarah McDonough - featured!