Miava Nelson - Classy, Feminine Muscle
2012 NPC NJ Muscle Beach - Women's Bodybuilding Overall Champion
Christian Duque: It's a great pleasure to have you here with us at FigureBikini.com;
Please talk to us about the first time you picked up the weights and knew this was for
you? Did you try to fight it?

Miava Nelson: The first time I picked up a weight I was in high school. I used to
Gilad's workout on TV every morning and I absolutely loved it. Later on, I
joined a gym and began taking step classes and learned to use the free weights and
machines. I was hooked and that was the beginning of my days of being a 'gym rat'.

Christian Duque: I think many women see you and think it's all egg whites and
asparagus, and I certainly don't want to sugar coat the truth. How important is diet to
the way you look and how 'flexible' are with the meals? Have you reached a point
where you know what reactions your body will provide to certain foods?

Miava Nelson: While egg whites and asparagus are staples in a competitor's meal
plan, it goes a bit more in depth. Depending on your weight/height/goal will determine
the type of meal plan you should be on. Because the competition diet
is very strict, there is not much room for flexibility. The diet is designed to bring out your absolute best physique and
you certainly don't want to mess that up by simply not following your diet.

I have realized that my body is extremely sensitive to carbs. I love breads and pastas and when I eat them my
body soaks it up. Now I know that I will have to eat these items in moderation.

Christian Duque: For the men, training seems to change week by week, but for a woman, how important is
consistency in the gym? Do you now (or have you ever) maintained a training log and/or studied your
response(s) to different training approaches?

Miava Nelson: Women need to train with consistency as well. Consistency + dedication = results. There is usually
no difference training males and females. I do carry a training journal and my main goal is to make progress each
Christian Duque: What are you favorite, least favorite muscle groups to train? Is there
a part of your physiuue you'd like to bring up in the future - or - are you content with
where you stand today?

Miava Nelson: My favorite muscle to train is back. I could do it everyday, however I do
not like training legs. Going forward, I am working on building up both my back and legs.

Christian Duque: Please give us your take on judges' feedback. Would their
comments serve as the blueprint for your upcoming training - or - do you just factor
their comments in with other feedback to then come up with a future game plan?

Miava Nelson: The judges gave me great feedback by saying I have great stage
presence and nice genetics, but
they would like me to add on a bit more size for future
. I have taken this feedback and implemented it into my training. I hope to
put on a nice amount of muscle and be even more pleasing to the judges.

Christian Duque: Do you feel women competitors should have an 'off season' or bulk
up? Is there any point to giving up clean eating in order for a woman to gain quality
muscle mass?

Miava Nelson: I think female competitors should have an off season. The body
needs time to rest so it can grow and function properly. If she decided to 'bulk up'
during that time, she would have to maintain clean eating to gain as much quality
muscle mass as possible without adding on much fat.

Christian Duque: Please take this opportunity to thanks those that have shown you
love and support along the way. And a huge thank you for taking the time to speak w/

Miava Nelson: I would like to thank all of my friends, family and all my supporters for
being there every step of the way. I truly appreciate it.
Age: 33    Height: 5'5
Weight: 131-145