Christian Duque:  Welcome to, please take this opportunity to
introduce yourself (name, age, ht, wt [contest and regular], hometown, and home gym. (If you
compete, include your Federation, Division, and your best placing or proudest placing)

Katirya Nieves: My name is Katirya Nieves. I am 22 years young, currently residing in New
York. I am at a small but powerful stature weighing
115 lbs with a height of 5'1". I was born
and raised in Brooklyn,NY by amazing parents who support me on my journey in becoming a
name in the fitness industry. Along with my two jobs,(personal trainer and market researcher)
I am a figure competitor. I am a proud member of the figure and bikini team
The Works
coached by an amazing trainer
IFBB Pro, Jennifer Searles. I have competed in NPC Figure
shows with my best placing at the
NPC Tri-State Championships 2013 with First place in
Figure A and Figure Overall.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about when & why you first started weight-training? Were you
athletic throughout life, played sports in school?

Katirya Nieves: I started weight training about the same time I started working. My first job
was as a lifeguard at the
New York Sports Club. I was surrounded by all this equipment
and soon got interested in training. I was about 17 when I started playing with the idea of
weight training. As time went by I got more and more serious about it, getting addicted to my
strength and endurance gains. The competitive side of me was shining. By 19, I considered
competing. The training I was doing came easy to me with my background in sports like
basketball, baseball and especially soccer. My natural athleticism helped me catch on fast
when it came to perfect form and challenging myself.

Christian Duque: Everyone sees a physique like yours and assumes it's all pumping iron.
How important is nutrition to reaching this look? And what do your meals look like on a
regular work day? Is there a certain amount of  water you drink per day?

Katirya Nieves: This is what I tell everyone who asks me the secret to a great physique. For
those who like to regularly workout, "pumping iron" is by far the easiest step to a physique
like mine. The challenge is nutrition. It is equally or maybe even more important than weight
training. You can gain strength by pushing the weight you use but if you want to see results
rather than just feel them,
it all starts in the kitchen. On a regular day I am having at least
5 meals. All prepared at home minus the Greek yogurt I'll have. My water consumption is
minimum 8 cups but i drink mre because that is all I drink all day.
Typically my diet consists of
things like chicken, fish, brown rice, Ezekiel bread
. I stay away from processed foods and
anything canned. I don't want people to think you can't enjoy food. Healthy food is rather
tasty and if you eat clean all the time, one cheat meal a week won't kill you.    

Christian Duque: With regards to supplements, what are some products you use - and -
what supplements would you recommend to a young woman getting into the sport that may
not know the 411 on protein, pre-workouts, vitamins, etc?

Katirya Nieves: Some products I use include Gaspari Size On and Dymatize Elite
Nutrition Whey Isolate
protein powder. If a young woman is like me, looking to gain mass, I
would definitely recommend Gaspari Size On. It is an intra-workout supplement that promotes
maximal muscle volume and accelerates protein synthesis. When you are just starting
training in this sport, I highly recommend a guided regimen because there is a lot that goes
into this level of training and best to gain as much knowledge as possible from an expert. It is
why I'm so grateful to be a part of Team Works.

Christian Duque: I also suspect many people aren't aware of how much time and money
goes into preparing for a contest. Please share some of your experiences with the audience.

Katirya Nieves: Competing is definitely an expensive and time consuming sport. If you are
able to manage your time wisely, it won't be as overwhelming but if you are not good with time
management than you probably won't last. You must fit in time to train almost every day and
you must also fit in time to prepare your meals. This especially calls for when you are close to
a competition. I remember when I was competing during the time I was in my last year of
college. I had to figure out a way to fit in homework, studying, my 3 day a week internship,
training and meal prep. It was absolutely a huge challenge for me but I am focused and
determined by nature so I managed to get everything in and come home with my first place
trophy back in November 2012.

Christian Duque: Please take this opportunity to thank all those that have helped you along
the way and also please let your fans know how they can keep up to date with you
(Facebook, twitter, instagram)?

Katirya Nieves: I have had amazing support throughout this journey of mine. My family and
friends have been there for me every step of the way. My mother is one that has helped me
significantly and is someone I don't think I could have gotten through my first two competitions
without. I am so grateful for her support and will continue to make her and all my loved ones
proud. To all those that already support me or want to follow me on my journey to success
please visit my Facebook fan page where you can find a link to on my Instagram-KatiryaFit.
Also take a look at my blog on along with much more to come!    
NPC Figure Competitor - KATIRYA NIEVES - Featured!
Katirya dominated the Figure
Division at the
2013 NPC Tri-State
, putting her on the
map as a Figure competitor to
watch. She brings a very feminine,
flowing package that keeps with
the the traditional look for Figure.
Although the Division has been
around for quite a few years,
there's been a growing trend to
come in more muscular. Katirya
keeps it feminine & classy!