NPA Bikini Competitor - KATIE RINGLEY- Featured!
Christian Duque: Welcome to, please take this opportunity to introduce
yourself (name, age, ht, wt [contest and regular], hometown, and home gym. (If you compete -
this would be the place to list the Federation, Division, and if you'd like your best placing to
date or a contest you're prepping for).

Katie Ringley: My name is Katie Ringley and I'm from Raleigh, NC! I'm 5'3 and weigh about
110lb regularly and 105 on show day. I work out at
Anytime Fitness in Morrisville NC which is
conveniently located directly under my apartment (so no excuses ;)). I have only competed in
NPA so far which is a small federation out of NC and VA. I won first place short bikini as
well as Overall Bikini First Place.
I am planning to compete again at NPC Muscle Heat in
, NC and we will see what that has in store! I hope and pray to make nationals at
which point I'll decide what I will do from there!

Christian Duque: You've built a very impressive physique, with flowing, feminine muscle. Have
you always been athletic? Did you play any sports in school, and if so which? Also, at what
age did you first start weight-training?

Katie Ringley: I've always been active. I grew up playing sports from a very young age. I was
on a traveling soccer team as well as a competitive
cheerleading squad which led me into
cheering in college at
Appalachian State University and then I transferred and also
cheered at Gardner-Webb University. I started weight lifting only about 6-7 months ago, and I
have completely fell in love. I feel like it's changed my life! I am really huge into everything
fitness though and would never want to be known as just a competitor. I am normally a huge
runner and I plan to run a marathon, do a half ironman, and I already offer meal plans but I
hope to one day have complete books that are competition prep and I have dreams of
opening my own gym with pink weights and mint green walls and a health food store in the
middle that also has a daycare that's free! :) I have huge dreams, but only the Lord knows
where it will all lead me!!

Christian Duque: With what seems to be a never ending market of diets - some fads, some
just plain weird - what's your take to eating clean and balanced meals? Talk to about some
sample breakfasts, lunches, or dinners that you'd normally eat. Also, talk to us about how
many times per day you eat - and - how much water you consume on a daily basis. I think a lot
of people think any fluid will do, but why is water key?

Katie Ringley: I am a HUGE advocate of whole foods, non processed and from the earth.
I eat 6 meals per day and a gallon of water per day! I keep to high high protein, lower complex
carbohydrates and healthy fats. I think that is pretty standard but it's important to realize that
carbs are needed, and should not be completely taken out of your diet. It's important to get
enough calories so that you aren't destroying your metabolism as is VERY common in this
industry. I believe in finding someone's metabolic capacity before placing them on a regimen
because what works for me may not work for another girl at my exact height. I really like
chicken, ground turkey (93% lean), talapia and salmon. I eat egg whites and oats every single
morning of my life and I LOVE IT!!
Water is crucial. The more water you drink, the more the
toxins are flushed from your system
and for me it's key so that I can things moving along!!!
(haha!!) The more water you drink, the less water you hold.

Christian Duque: What's your take on gym group gym classes? It seems each gym (across
the country) offers half-a-dozen (at minimum) and they're always packed! Does this type of
workout appeal to you?

Katie Ringley: I'm not gonna lie. I'm not a fan of group workouts unless they are really
I am just really hardcore in the gym (people stare), but I just feel like sometimes the
classes are a little watered down. They are great for beginners and they are wonderful for
those who need that friendship and companionship to keep them going. I'm different in that
respect. I don't want to go to the gym with friends. I don't really want to talk to anyone at the
gym. I just want it to be me, my headphones, and my heart pounding in my chest. I hope I
don't sound like a weirdo, but the gym is my outlet...I absolutely adore going.

Christian Duque: We'll have many more questions for you in a couple of months for your
interview, but for now, please take this opportunity to thank all those that have helped you
along the way and also please let your fans know how they can keep up to date with you
(facebook, twitter, instagram)?

Katie Ringley: I can't say that how much the support of my community has meant to me. I
have so much love in my heart for the people that follow me on facebook and instagram, and
sometimes its surreal that people even care what I have to say. I know that the Lord has led
me here so that I can reach out to these girls and tell them where I came from, and how I've
overcome and how they can as well! My facebook is
"Katie's Fitness RX" and my instagram
@katiesfitscript. All of the prescription references is because I'll be a pharmacist in 7
months! haha! My blog is and I hope you guys will follow
me at all of these outlets!!!