Christian Duque: Huge congrats to you on your placing at the USA's!! Everyone though you looked killer. Please tell
everyone what placing you took at this past weekend's
USA Atlantic Championships and also, please tell everyone
how on Earth you got so lean?

Heather Eslinger: First off, thank you. I worked really hard this year to try to bring my physique to a different level on
a personal level. This weekend I took
3rd place in a stacked Figure TALL class of 8 women @ the Atlantic USA’s in
Atlanta, Ga. I'm really pleased with my showing only because I know that I wasn’t at my best…. yet
;) Diet wise, I had a
structured (not to too strict) off season and I stayed on point with my diet throughout my prep.
My body NEEDS certain
nutrients, and last year it was deprived of certain things.
The change in coaching (having my husband diet me
was def. to my advantage in the sense that he KNOWS my body and what it needs to produce and survive
the regimen he has me follow. Im super pleased and I impressed myself with the outcome this weekend…..
awarded 3rd place is just fuel to add to my “inner” fire!

Christian Duque: For the ladies out there reading this, talk to us about the emotional component to getting on stage.
I mean, you've done several contests before and you definitely brought your "A Game" to the contest, but how much
goes into being mentally ready to best the pre-show jitters, the doubts, and nerves?

Heather Eslinger: Unfortunately, this is my down fall, so in the confidence department I could use some help. I have
been told several times that I lack confidence and a smile on stage. It def. hurt my placing this weekend, so this is an
area I need some help in.
My nerves get the best of me that’s for sure. Throughout these next few weeks I'll definitely
be working on my “inner” me. I'm normally confident; however, there is something about getting on stage that scares
the crap out of me. It'll eventually get comfy -
for me its just taking a little longer!
Christian Duque: Your contest prep was all natural, but is there ever that temptation to take something extra?
Whether it's Bikini or Bodybuilding, the temptation must be present, correct?

Heather Eslinger: Hmmm, being totally honest, I don’t have a problem with that “something extra”. Everyone is
entitled to due whatever it is they feel will help them bring their body to the next level. For me, I feel like I will keep
doing what im doing and if and when the time comes and I want to improve upon a certain area with enhancement,
who cares.
Its my body, my decision!

Christian Duque: Let's change gears a bit. Talk to us about the Top 5 - the ladies that placed better than you and
the ladies you placed better than. Did the judges get it right? What are some of your thoughts on the matter?

Heather Eslinger: After looking at pictures, I'm ok with my placing 100%. I’m new to this industry, I have a lot to
learn, and I feel like each show is that learning experience.
The girls that beat me have been at it for years; they have
all competed at the National level. I'm not ready for that yet (mentally). I rather get my physique
ON POINT before I go
to the next level.
EVERYONE wants to go PRO, and now I’m just trying to find that inner discipline and improve upon
my weaknesses. I feel like my physique is
ALMOST where I want it.
Christian Duque: Your husband, Dan Eslinger, gives you a real assessment of where you're at, and he told me he
was floored with your conditioning and package. But I want to ask you, what's an area(s) you'd like to bring up. In your
opinion, what does Heather need to get the pro card? ** This is a tough question, because once you're in the Top 5,
there's not a heck of a lot you really need or should change in your body. You're pretty much in ballpark to go pro.

Heather Eslinger: This is a tough question, only because I feel like im VERY balanced. My husband has me isolate
body parts, so my body grows as one. I don’t feel like I have one body part that overpowers another. I'm not saying I’m
perfect by any means, what I’m saying is, my body, due to my workout splits is pretty symmetrical and even as far as
shape goes. If I had to really, really concentrate on one area, my changes would be made in areas my husband thinks
are my best attributes.
I'm very back and leg strong in his opinion. Other than my glutes, which he also would
disagree with, I can't really say I need or want to improve on just one body part.
I like my training splits and I’m
happy with how far my body has come in 3 short years of training.

Christian Duque: What's going on with D4 Muscle & Fitness? Do clients need to be in FL or can you prep them
online and via phone consultations? What's the cost for some of the packages offered?

Heather Eslinger: Man, Im SO SO proud of my husband, not only is he a Dietary Nutritionist at our local VA, he
diets many many people, competitive and non competitive people.
D4 has a wide range of clients. I have not met one
person that has utilized my husband’s services (sticking to his individualized plan) and failed to meet their goals.
Combined with his education, knowledge, certifications,  and love of the sport/body, he really does provide his clients
with that special oneon one,
NO BULLSHIT (some people cant handle the bluntness) attitude. He isn’t going to blow
smoke up your ass, like some coaches/mentors for your money.
He is genuine, loyal, and one hell of a coach. He can
learn your body and take it to the next level!
I'm a work in progress with him, so I would know. The best part of his
coaching is his individualized treatment to each of his clients.
He treats everyone equally, including me. Just
because I'm married to him doesn’t mean I get special treatment, and that’s the truth!! I have to wait to see “coach”
just like everyone else, lol J

As far as my role with D4, I’m naturally a nurturing person, so I act as a support role. It comes natural and I love that
we can do it together!

With Dan having such a wide array of clients, one would have to get with him as far as price goes. Everyone has
different goals, and not everyone wants to compete. He tailors packages to the individual and their goals. He can be
contacted through our facebook page and personal email.

Christian Duque: Dan was recently on Power Hit Radio with John Romano & Jeff The Producer. What did you
think of the program?

Heather Eslinger: I stay out of that stuff, we were screwed over by some people in the industry, Dan put a lot on the
line for certain people and a certain company. He quit his job working for the Government to do what he thought was
BEST for our family. All I will say is you live, you learn, and you find out who the assholes in the industry are.
Some people only care about themselves. As a family unit, it made us stronger and one day those peeps will eat shit!

Christian Duque: What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

Heather Eslinger: My only focus right now is the Panhandle Showdown in Pensacola, Florida (April 13th), I
did this one last year as a novice, winning the novice tall class. It just so happens that
its 3 weeks away. I'm just
working on tightening up and
PRESENTING a more polished package. I'm not going to get any bigger size-wise in 3
weeks, so we are keeping things somewhat as normal as possible.
Few little tweaks in cardio and diet. I'll continue to
lift my ass off with my husband/coach, and work on my confidence.
The Panhandle is a level 5 show, as was the
Atlantic USA, if I can hang with the top girls again, we will see where the year takes me.

Christian Duque: Please tell us where your fans can go to stay up-to-date with you and your journey through the
fitness world! Ty.

Heather Eslinger: I can be contacted through my personal facebook page, as well as our D4 Muscle & Fitness
“fan” page. My husband’s email address is for dietary/coaching inquires.

Thank you so much for having me in mind for an interview!!
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