Name: Gia Marie Macool        Age:28        Ht:5'11        Wt (Contest/Regular)150        Hometown: Orlando, FL
Christian Duque: When and why did you first
start weight-training? Also talk to us about the
first gym you trained at.

Gia Macool: I started training with weights
heavy April 2012, I became a sponsored
fitness model with
Nutrex and wanted to start
competing in my first show, which I did August
20th 2012.

Christian Duque: Also what are you favorite
and least favorite body-parts to train?

Gia Macool: Favorite body parts would be
legs, butt and abs, and happens to be the
hardest parts to transform and change, so I
train them hard!

Christian Duque: What do your meals look
like? For example, could you give us a sample
On-Season breakfast?

Gia Macool: I eat 6-7 small meals a day. All
consist of lean protein and lots of Veggies.
Breakfast is my favorite! I usually make Protein pancakes:) You can check out some of my recipes when I
blog @ Facebook Vitrix Model Team Page.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about your competitive record, what have been some of the happiest moments
you've experienced on stage (victories, judges' feedback, crowd response, etc)?

Gia Macool: Im prepping for my second show either in November 3, 2012. In order to be a competitor it takes a
huge amount of determination and will power. You have to be on at all times with diet and training. If you miss
even a meal it can throw you off of achieving that one pound of muscle that can make or break you when getting
compared with another competitor on stage. Potential is not enough! You can be a big fish or small minnow in
this world of fitness. What makes you be that big fish is Determination, hard work, and constantly educating your
self to be bigger and better!

Christian Duque: What are some tips you'd like to share with women that train but may be reluctant to
compete? Should they be intimidated by the stage?

Gia Macool: I would tell anyone thinking about competing to not procrastinate! Just do it! Depending on where
you are in your fitness level, change will happen if you zone in on nutrition and training. Every time you compete
you will get better and better and you will be amazed the changes mentally and physically that will happen!
Christian Duque: I believe it's important to save the
best for last - please take this opportunity to thank
everyone that's helped you along the way and that
keeps you focused on succeeding.

Gia Macool: I would like to Thank first and for most
my family for all the patience and Support, since the
diet and training can put you and the people around
you through some trying times.
Nutrex Research
for the amazing Supplements, which because of them
I have been able to see the amazing transformations
in my Body and couldnt have done it without them.
Vitrix Model Team for all the support and help
not only with motivation since some of the best
female Athletes such as
Larissa Reis are on the
team, but with staying positive and supporting me
along the way. Last but not least and probably the
most important would be my fans who have showered
me with all the fuel I've needed when time gets tuff!
Thanks you!!