StrengthAddicts: Welcome to StrengthAddicts, please tell us a little about yourself.

Ashley Parker: Hey all, my name is Ashley Bowden, I’m 29, 5’5”, 119lbs,
and my stage-weight is 113lbs. I’m from Orlando, FL.

StrengthAddicts: How did you discover weight-training?

Ashley Parker:  I have always been into fitness since high school and I am a
physical therapist assistant so I truly enjoy watching what the body can achieve. But I
really got into it more so last year after following fitness people on Instagram and
4being inspired to do more.

StrengthAddicts:  What's your favorite workout day and why?

Ashley Parker: My favorite workout is dumbbell shoulder press. The reason is
because I love trying to push more weight each time! And who doesn’t love  seeing
the muscle striations after shoulder day!  Fun note: I never worked shoulders until
Feb last year because I was afraid of looking “manly”, what a myth!

StrengthAddicts: Do you have any contests in mind for 2019?

Ashley Parker: Yes! June 15th I will be competing in the Mid Florida Classic in hopes
to get Nationally Qualified. If I don’t make the cut I will be doing a show July 20th.
Then once I qualify I will be heading to Nationals in Miami in November.
Ashley’s Instagram:
Featured Athlete: NPC Bikini Competitor, Ashley Parker