to place in the top 5. Candice Lewis is a stunning competitor, with a shoulder to waist ratio that was
incredible. With that being said, it’s clear that she fit the bill for the overall title compared to all class winners.  
After looking at the comparison pictures, it’s obvious that the judges wanted a softer look.  As I prep for
Nationals in November, I’ve decided I’m not changing a thing with my training/conditioning. I feel as though I’
ve reached that level with my physique to definitely hang with the top Pros and obviously, that’s my overall

Christian Duque:
What supplements (protein, multi, creatine) do you currently take and/or have taken? What
are some products that would be beneficial to women looking to start training for Figure competition - and

Ashley Lemmons: I use Gaspari Myofusion protein powder, because I have yet to find another that is that
delicious. I also take Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women multivitamin,
Optimum Nutrition Stress B Complex +
Vitamin C, Glutamine, and Protandim. Protandim is an all-natural antioxidant supplement that fights free
radicals, which cause inflammation. It also helps aid in my recovery after tough workouts. During prep, I also
take a fat burner, only because of the energy it gives me to get through my days while on my strict diet. I’ve
tried several, but my favorites are
OxyElite Pro and Hydroxycut Advanced Max for Women. For women
looking to start training for figure, I would definitely recommend trying
Gaspari’s Myofusion or Optimum
Nutrition’s Hydro Whey
protein. Some women can’t take a fat burner because of the caffeine and the jitters
they can sometimes cause. So, I would tell all women to be careful and always follow the directions on the
labels when taking one. In my opinion, I think they are a must during contest prep.  

Christian Duque: Please address the issue of where loved ones (significant other, family, friends) come into
play in the life of competitor. How important is having loving ones' acceptance and support to you as an
athlete? Do you ever think of them when you're onstage?

Ashley Lemmons: Loved ones play a HUGE role in a competitor’s life. Without their support, life can be
miserable if you let it. At first, not a lot of people understood what I was doing, even family. “You can have just
one piece of cake”, “You can go out to eat with us just once”, “You can have one bite and you’ll be fine”. These
are the types of things I used to hear a lot, but now that I’ve been doing this for a while now, everyone pretty
much understands what I have to do to get what I want. I struggle a lot with sacrifice. My husband can
definitely vouch for me on that one. He’s seen me at my weakest and witnessed meltdowns (yes, they do
happen). Without him telling me that I can do this, to push a little harder, and just to say that everything will be
ok, I’m not sure I could have done the things that I have.

Christian Duque: What do you have planner for the rest of 2011? And once you get your Pro card (which is all
but a foregone conclusion), what do you see yourself doing in the sport?

Ashley Lemmons: In the 2011 schedule, is Nationals in Miami. I’m taking a few weeks off from the super
strict diet, and trying to add just a little more size to my back, rounding out the shoulders a little bit more, and
working on my glute/ham tie in. Prep will start very soon once again. I’m so ready to take the stage one more
time in 2011 in sunny Florida. I have been putting a lot of thought into what the plans are for after obtaining a
Pro card. I just recently started personal training and teaching my Bootie Camp classes. I’d like to continue to
do that, as well as help future competitors with their contest prep and goals.  Eventually, I would love to own a
gym as well. I have lots of big plans and goals for myself, but I have no doubts that I will accomplish
everything I’m dreaming of.

Christian Duque: For your friends and fans, where can people go to stay up to date with everything you're

Ashley Lemmons: Fans can find me on Facebook & LIKE my fan page NPC Competitor Ashley Lemmons
Or can check out my website for updates on what I’m doing, upcoming
competitions, online training, etc.

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Gym picture is courtesy of HDPhysiques Photography & the other is Dan Ray Photography.

(Front Page) Photo Credits

The competition photo and the athletic photo are courtesy of Dan Ray Photography, and the guitar photo and
black/white photo are courtesy of
Alex Morgan Imaging.
Taking the Stage by Storm!                                                        NPC Figure Superstar
Ashley Lemmons
Christian Duque: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview for Could you start out by
telling your name, age, height, as well as your contest (& regular/off-season) weight?

Ashley Lemmons: Ashley Lemmons, 5’5, off season: 125 lbs, contest: 116.

Christian Duque: Growing up, were you big into sports and/or extracurricular activities - and if so which ones?
What kind of sports, outside of physique competition, are you into these days?

Ashley Lemmons: In middle school I played volleyball, but once I got to high school I switched to
cheerleading. I cheered for 3 years, then went on and made the cheer team at the University of Southern
Indiana, where my time was cut short because of a back injury. These days, I primarily stick with the gym. But,
you can also find me splashing around the pool in the summer and teaching my own fitness class, which I’ve
named “Bootie Camp”.  Bootie Camp is about an hour long class, targeting core, legs, and of course, tush.
The class is a higher intensity workout incorporating plyometrics, as well. Since it’s a circuit style workout,
campers get in some great cardio as well.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about weight-training. How old were you when you first took an interest in the
gym, and what inspired you then & now to train.

Ashley Lemmons: After college and marriage, I noticed myself putting on some extra pounds, but didn’t think
I was fat. However, after looking at just one picture of myself, I knew something had to change. I was too
intimidated and embarrassed to step foot into a gym, so my husband and I bought P90X. I will admit, after the
first week, I was ready to quit, but I stuck with it. Week 3-4 came, and I was starting to see some major
results, which kept me motivated to stick with it. After I completed the full 90 days, I had done a complete 180
with my body. I had my “cheerleader” body back. In 2009, I finally braved the gym, and completely fell in love. I
haven’t looked back and continue to push myself to the limits every day. Now, since I’ve started competing, I
am constantly working towards a goal. Right now those goals include, rounder shoulders, wider back,
keeping the waist small, etc., I always feel that I can improve. I will never go back to what I was 3 years ago. I
will be forever friends with the gym. I will always push myself to be the best I can be.
Christian Duque: . I think one of your best features is your mid-section. What kind of training do you employ to
get that narrow waist, great abs, and sharp obliques?

Ashley Lemmons: Ever since I started competing, I’ve been working on the obliques. I love Erin Stern’s core
definition and have worked hard to get to that level. Honestly, I believe the saying that “abs are made in the
kitchen”.  Yes, strict diet and cardio definitely played a role; however, core exercises such as, planks, side
bends, and twisting ab workouts were a factor in getting that kind of definition.

Christian Duque: Take us back to the Indianapolis Championships 2010, where you took 1st place in the
novice division. What kind of preparations were made for this show? Were trained by anyone? Did you have
anyone help you with your diet, tanning, etc?

Ashley Lemmons: Actually, I didn’t decide to do this show until less than 8 weeks out. But, once that decision
was made, the switch was flipped, and it was ON. I read everything I could about this sport. I did research on
the dieting, cardio, etc. and read through tons of forums. I ended up training myself, diet and all. I felt really
good about that entire prep. As for tanning, my husband was ever so kind to paint me for that show with Jan
Tana, but since that show, I’ve made the switch to ProTan which suits my skin much better. A fellow NPC
competitor, Ashley Brand helped me so much with my posing as well. Since Indianapolis was the first show
for me, I was in it to win it, so absolutely NO cheats for me during that prep. And, obviously I did something
right, because I took home the gold.

Christian Duque: What components and/or elements would say you make for the ideal figure physique? I ask
this because I have been noticing many female bodybuilders (or women that could be FBB'ers) moonlighing
in Figure. Do you think there's a point in time when a girl is just too big and/or too hard to be in the mix?

Ashley Lemmons: Figure, to me, is about muscularity, symmetry, and femininity. Nice round shoulders, a
great V-taper, tiny waist, and just enough definition throughout the legs without a ton of separation would
make up the ideal physique, in my opinion. This year, the NPC gave competitors another option; Men’s &
Women’s Physique. From the shows that I’ve seen, it looks like the right females are crossing over from
figure into the physique category.  I do agree that there is a point where a girl can be too hard or too big for
figure. Like I said, in figure, they’re (the judges) looking for that femininity. Huge muscles, to me, are not

Christian Duque:  Talk to us about the 2011 NPC Junior Nationals and whether or not you feel Candice Lewis
was the clear winner in her class (your class) and for the overall title.

Ashley Lemmons: Jr. Nationals was only my second National show. Taking 3rd place in the biggest class in
Chicago this year has to be the highlight of my competitive career. Obviously, every competitor wants to take
home the first place trophy, myself included. But, when it came down to it, I really wanted
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