Jerry Ward Debates Tony Huge
By Christian Duque

With Enhanced 2, then about to come out, Jerry Ward of GIFD Labs made an open
plea to Tony Huge. He did this following a some industry backlash over a trailer for
the Generation Iron film that had made the rounds. In his plea, Jerry made sure to
speak to the very serious issues of addiction, Huge's influence on the public, and to
basically send positive vibes to someone he felt may have been in a bad place. A big
reason why Ward's words resonate with so many people, is because he's lived through
addiction. He knows the pitfalls, the artificial happiness, and is also well aware of that
indestructible mindset so many young people have. In our sport, youth is subjective,
and you have guys even in their 40's and 50's exihibiting rather recklessness
decisiomaking. They live for the moment. WIth that being said, life has a way of
catchiing up to you and everyone, at some point, has to pay the tab.

America is a country ravaged by addiction. Sure, caffeine is a drug, nicotine is a drug,
and even alcohol is a drug. These are all legal drugs, but can be very dangerous.
And while I'm including these in part to be sensitive and politically correct, I'm also
putting these out there so that we don't have to address them again in this article.

When I say America is a country ravaged by addiction, I'm talking about the hard stuff,
the kind of drugs that put down elephants. What's worse is that within the context of
addiction, you have a great many people are functional drug addicts. They can go
skiin, taking hits, and eat pills, but look, sound, and carry themselves as the most
straight-edge person you know. It's very, very difficult to tell someone they have a
problem, when no can tell they do.

These are all things that I think were clicking for Jerry; I know they were clicking for
me. I almost believe that former addicts have a sixth sense. You might be able to
bullshit an unconcerned good samaritan, but addicts can't fool former addicts.

Now Jerry didn't know about Tony. He honestly didn't and have after watching their
show, I'm pretty convinced Tony is not suffering with addiction. I'm not a doctor, I don't
have any mental health training, but my gut instinct is that he's simply a guy who
purports to experiment a lot, he's a marketing genius, and he's doing big things in the
sport. Ultimately what Tony is doing could have detrimental effects if the wrong people
get ahold of the information and decide they too want to experiement. Tony isn't telling
anyone to do anything, he's simply putting out content, which is understood by many
to have a substantial bit of entertainment value.

I don't think anyone who truly wants to learn about diet, training, and supplementation
is going to Tony's channel or watching Tony's videos. Then again, maybe there's
more doing than I'm aware of. When I think of gurus in that field, I'd much rather go
listen to Jerry Brainum, John Meadows, or Greg Doucette. I wouldn't listen attentively,
much less take notes, from Tony's content or Bostin Loyd's content, but I'd tune in to
hear about crazy protocols, funny commentaries, and for that fly on the wall feeling of
witnessing of fitness industry movers and shakers live. Even if what I'm watching is
nothing more than a bunch of bells and whistles, who doesn't love some good
alternate reality shit.

At the end of the day, I applaud Jerry and Tony for doing this video. Did it undeniably
create more buzz for Enhanced 2? Absolutely, it did. That wasn't Jerry's objective,
but anytime you get Tony on anything, then everything he's associated will benefit.
The big picture, however, is what the video will do for people battling addiction. Tony
may not be an addict and he may not have issues of that nature, but seeing and
hearing important people in our industry address the topic with real concern, is very
key. I believe both Jerry and Tony accomplished something big.

From what I hear, Tony will be joining Nick Trigili next week for another appearance.
I suspect Trigili will lay into Huge, particularly with some of his marketing approaches
and he may or may not test the veracity of Huge's knowledge on supplements, training,
and diet. I think this show will be very interesting, considering Nick's impressive
bodybuilding resume, his extensive work with personal training clients, and his
undeniable abilites to prep competitors for the stage. In the end though, I'm sure
neither of these guys will be petty and I think it'll be a friendly, upbeat kind of video.
Nonetheless, I expect Nick to put Tony on the hotseat on several different topics.

Another great program for Tony to do, would be Advices Radio. I'm not sure if Scott
Mcnally would consider it, but it's one thing for Tony to talk about research,
experiments, and advancing what some may call quack theories onto a captive
audience and it's quite another to debate these points with people, who like himself,
have acquired a vast knowledge in sports science and supplementation. Dave
Palumbo could definitely give Tony a run for his money, too, but Dave loves to
capitalize on Tony's apprearances for hits. Interestingly, he allowed Lee Priest to crap
all over Enhanced 2, so maybe my theory on Dave's loyalty to Tony is off. Who knows?

At the end of the day, it's all about free will. Should Youtubers have a moral
responsibility when releasing content? Perhaps, but I certainly don't want to be the
moral police, do you? I've always found very troubling whenever any person or group
sees it as their place to dictate morality. If our government doesn't do it, why should
any private citizens? Moreover, there are people out there that will harm themselves
no matter what, whether it's because of a Marilyn Manson record, a Stephen King
novel, or a Youtube video. Speech can't be silenced because a tiny segment of the
population might act on it. Still, an argument can be made that what Tony's doing is,
in fact, dangerous. Arguments can always be made.

Overall, I highly encourage you to check out the Jerry Ward / Tony Huge video. You
can click on the hyperlink or on the title shot, above, and give it a watch. Also, be sure
to follow @StrengthAddicts on Instagram for more bodybuilding and fitness news and
commentary. Thanks!