The Voice of the 502 Returns!!
by Christian Duque

Anyone whose ever heard an episode of 2 Scoops Radio, knows the name
Ty Robinson. From his former role at a highly respected supplement store,
to his year-long run on the airwaves, to his recent signing with The Factory
Gym in Louisville, KY, Ty is back where he belongs, as a driving force in the
Louisville and Greater Kentuckiana fitness world.

So what makes Ty stand out?

For starters, he stands for something. So many talented personalities in the
bodybuilding world, essentially, tow a line. Whether it's a line on sports
science, accepted training methods, or hopping on nutritional trends (e.g.
Keto, Paleo, South Beach, etc). The fact Ty knows about what's going on in
the industry, he follows the sport, and he is himself, an IFBB Pro League
athlete, separates him from the pack.

Ty is also someone who genuinely likes people. I know, some of you are
probably scratching your heads right now. He likes people? Isn't that prety
basic? No, not really. We have a lot of people who like being in their own
shell, MORE, than interacting with others. If you really want to make it in the
fitness industry, you have to be a people-person. Most introverts never
make it, unless they're exceptionally funny and/or exceptionally interesting,
while talking into a webcam or microphone from their basement. The truth
is, only those who like people, especially strangers and building
relationships on the spot, making positive, lasting impressions,