Thomas Benagli, d'Italia ,
ha lavorato molto duramente
per affermarsi come uno dei
migliori bodybuilders del
mondo! Ha costruito un fisico
impeccabile con un ottimo
equilibrio e simmetria. Egli
sta portando indietro
l'estetica classica con
notevole definizione.
Thomas Benagli - Italy's Secret Weapon
by Christian Duque

Something is happening in Bodybuilding. Born out of
the 202 Division, the 212 is the logical evolution, the
next step. Much like boxing or wrestling, the
lighter classes offer much of the competitiveness
that's lost with the heavier guys. But there's more,
namely with bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding fans love the freaks, from Markus Ruhl
to Big Ramy, fans love the gnarly physiques. Whether
it's a guy that packs the most muscle, comes in ripped
to shreds, and/or have veins popping everywhere.
With the heavier guys, it's usually one of the above
attributes... with the 212 guys, they bring it ALL!!
I've been a fan of bodybuilding for over ten years, and in that time I've come across
very few guys whose main goal is simply to be amongst the best. For Thomas Benagli
it's always been about being part of what he calls the "elite of the 212." Although I yet
have the pleasure of meeting him in person, I know him to be an incredibly humble
and reserved individual.

"The Italian Stallion" as his fans refer to him, is without a doubt of the best 212
bodybuilders in the world, but 2014 has clearly been the year the judges confirmed
what the fans have believed for a long, long time. From a decisive 3rd at the Dallas
Europa, to a strong 4th at the Tampa Pro, & an equally impressive Top 6 finish at the
Toronto Pro, Thomas has made his mark on the world of professional bodybuilding.

One look at his physique and it becomes abundantly clear that this is an athlete
whose invested considerable time in creating thick, dense slabs of muscle. He's got
developed delts, a thick back, and excellent chest development. Although he's packed
on substantial size, he's kept his waist very small and all throughout the contest, he's
in complete control of his midsection (a discipline that requires the athlete to keep the
abs tense and/or semi-relaxed throughout the whole time on stage).

    A "Pro Bodybuilder" like Thomas Benagli is a stage showman. Guys
    that let go of their midsection may not be scored down, but they
    clearly do not have the regard for the fans that a guy like Thomas has.

But there's more to Benagli's physique than size alone. I don't know if it's a product of
being European or from another country besides the U.S., but many international
bodybuilders seem to be far more inspired by Classic era bodybuilders and posing
routines. Everything from the choice of music to the style of posing is meticulously
selected and carried out. I don't think you'll ever see Benagli choose trashy music or
carry himself out in a poor light. He has too much respect for the sport, the stage, &
the fans. Posing truly is a lost art form - for most.

Whether it's posing, thickness, symmetry, or aesthetics, Thomas Benagli has it all!! If
you're one of those fans that only thinks in terms of Flex Lewis, Kevin English, or Jose
Raymond, let me encourage you to make room for at least one more name. In my
book, Thomas Benagli takes all those names out. There's no competition. In time,
you'll see EXACTLY what i mean.
2014 Tampa Pro / 212lb, 4th
2014 Dallas Pro / 212lb, 3rd
2014 Toronto Pro / 212lb, 4th
Thomas Benagli, de Italia,
ha trabajado muy duro para
establecerse como uno de
los mejores culturistas del
mundo! Construyó un físico
impecable, con excelente
balance y simetría. Él está
trayendo de vuelta la
estética clásica con notable
definición. Grande Thomas!!