The Buzz Is Growing - Olympia Announcement!!
By Christian Duque

The world of physique-based sports is buzzing with interest over the much-
anticipated Olympia announcement tomorrow, Monday, May 11th. What we
know is that the event will be rescheduled, it will be in 2020, and there will be
a new venue. This is a great move for athletes, fans, and media, and here’s
why. The bottom line is that many contests in June, July, and even August
have been postponed. Several others have been cancelled. While many states
are either opening up or have specific dates to do so, there's a second wave
of COVID19 expected in fall. Keeping the Olympia at its normal September
date would have been very iffy at best. Just look at what happened at the
Arnold Amatuer, where competitors went to sleep not knowing if they could
compete, where the audience couldn’t take their seats, and where the entire
expo was cancelled. That was early March and no one had the faintest idea
about the massive shutdown about to take place. That was then, but this is now.
The fact the Olympia changed dates to ensure a better event, speaks volumes.

This has been a very rough year, to say the least, but knowing the show will go
on, is really important to both boost morale and give the very best athletes in
the world, the green light to prep. Every single IFBB Pro League Pro wants to
be on that stage. From guys like Keone “The Prodigy” Pearson and George
“Da Bull” Peterson, moving up from Classic to The 212, to James “Flex” Lewis,
The Welsh Dragon, moving up from The 212 to Open, this contest is very
important. Think about 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon “The Prodigy” Curry, who
wants to successfully defend his title and do battle with all the other great
bodybuilders of the world. Will Hadi Choopan be back? What will William “The
Conqueror” Bonac bring? Talk about hunger!! He battled Curry at the 2019
Arnold and the 2019 Olympia, don’tcha think he might want a rematch? And
what about Roelly Winklaar? When’s the last time Roelly had a FULL YEAR to
prep for the Olympia? The 2018 People’s Champ most definitely wants to get
on that stage and give it 110%

But wait… the 2020 Olympia is also said to be 2008 Mr. Olympia and 9x Arnold
Classic Champion, Dexter “The Blade” Jackson’s last show - ever!! If the show
hadn’t happened, one of the greatest bodybuilders of the last 20 years, if not
ever, would have been denied retiring the way he had planned. That would
have been a massive disservice to the fans. That being said, sometimes, no
matter how badly we want something, we simply can’t get it. If the government
says no and there’s no other way, that’s it, but the good thing here, is that
there was another way, a better way, and they took it!
The fact that the Olympia changed owners is a very big plus, especially given
the very difficult year we’ve had. A businessperson might have cut their losses,
cancelled the event, and told everyone to wait until 2021. New owner, Jake
Wood is a bodybuilding fan. He loves the sport, he understands it, and he
knows how important The Olympia is to the people. The Olympia transcends
everything. It’s so much more than a contest, it’s an institution - you can’t just
skip it! Any other show, whether it's The Arnold or new contests like Athleticon,
they're great contests, but they're not the crown jewel.

In addition to Jake Wood, we are also very fortunate to have Dan Solomon as
Chief Olympia Officer. Dan, like Jake, loves bodybuilding and understands how
important this contest is. Dan’s an innovator, from spearheading fitness radio
with Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, to working with major publications, to creating
Digital Muscle, he’s someone that’s been part of the community and will always
be involved. HIs predecessor cared and his predecessor was great, but Dan is
doing things that only Dan could do. Along with “Sugar” Shawn Ray, who runs
Digital Muscle, the sky’s the limit.

Interestingly, I, too, have always liked calling the Olympia ``The Superbowl of
Bodybuilding,” but I think it's actually bigger to bodybuilding fans than the
Superbowl is to football enthusiasts. This isn’t a contest that could simply be
cancelled. The fact Jake, Dan, and everyone on their team refuse to give up,
speaks volumes about them. They're commitment to successfully running this
contest should really inspire confidence in the athletes, the fans, and the
business sector. These folks had the guts to make the tough calls, during the
toughest of times, and they didn't even flinch. These guys are go-getters and
this will be a massive success!! We're in very good hands, folks.

I hope that as soon as the announcement drops, that people get on their
phones and start reserving their rooms! I hope people buy tickets! I want
competitors to get excited and start the countdown!! I also really want
businesses to show their support, buy booth space, and make sure they have
a STRONG presence at the most prestigious bodybuilding contest in the world.

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