Nick Trigili Takes Shots at Brandon Curry
by Christian Duque

Nick Trigili released a video last night titled "Brandon Curry Takes A Shot At Phil Heath," which is interesting
because right around the time this video came out, my article titled
"Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry's Approach To
Rivals," was published at Iron Magazine. To say that Nick and I are at odds on the rivalry between Curry and Heath,
would be an understatement.

I like Nick. I like that Nick is industrious, that he's ambitious, and that there's a strong media personality (with a pro
card). The last attribute earns him a level of credibility that I will never have, so that's great for him. I also like that
he's a highly sought-after prep coach. I made a point to say hello to him at a show in Pittsburgh, something I don't
routinely do. I was showing him respect as someone I thought was doing real things.

Respect is big to me and a big part of respect, is honesty, sometimes brutal honesty. I thought Nick's video was
way off. He critiqued Brandon's comments, while speaking to Phil's health, Phil's wife's health, and totally ignored
the fact Phil struck first blood by questioning Brandon's win in an interview with RxMuscle that PREDATES
Brandon's comments on the interview he did with RxMuscle's Siddique Farouqi.
Nick passively-aggressively berated Brandon for words "coming out of his mouth," defended Phil from being
"stomped on, shitted on, from the media and fans" and asserted that people want Phil back. What people?
Where? No one is talking about Phil, no one wants him to come back. He IS the most hated Mr. Olympia of all time.
Who are you kidding, Nick?

Nick also suggested that Brandon was saying Phil wasn't a true champion because he didn't compete in 2019,
saying it was "interesting to hear that come out of his mouth." I think Nick needs to watch the interview again.
Brandon was not questioning whether or not Phil was a real champion, he was responding to Phil's disrespectful
and highly inappropriate comments on RX MUSCLE where he said, had he been in the lineup, he would have won.
Phil is actively creating doubt in Brandon's victory and questioning Brandon's reign - that's not how a true
champion acts. In fact, it flies in the face of the very advice Nick is trying to give Brandon as a Mr. Olympia. I guess
I just don't understand Nick's video. Does he expect Brandon to simply take the abuse, keep his head down, and
not respond? Also, it's not like Brandon introduced the topic or was even on his own platform; he was asked a
question by an ace reporter in the bodybuilding press. Was he supposed to deflect the question? What did
Brandon do that was so wrong?

Also, Nick's
low blow assessment is a classic mischaracterization, taking Brandon's words totally out context, in
an attempt to stir public outcry against the reigning champion. He repeats the
true champion phrase several times.
I can see the
true champion rhetoric being used for follow-up beatings, much like earlier this year when Nick
decided to make a series of videos attacking his
friend Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden for his condition, while guest
posing at the 2019 NPC Pittsburgh Championships. Speaking of which, he also claims Phil wasn't at his best in
2018, was off, and had a lot going on. No, bro, Shawn kicked his ass and it was a clear cut victory. Even if you take
Phil's stomach out, Shawn beat him in a number of other poses. It was not even remotely close. The show was
over at the prejudging.

Nick also said he'd stick up for both guys on his video, but his
defense of Brandon was basically, a
passive-aggressive series of digs. "Maybe Brandon was trying to be the tough guy and create drama," is hardly
being impartial. Phil gets a mountain of praise throughout this video - where's Brandon's? Where's the neutrality?

I also love how Nick chose to give Brandon advice on how to be well liked, using the example of a Miss USA.
Maybe that's the first thing that came to mind, but one could also argue it's a subtle way to emasculate Curry.
Really, it boils down to how articulate and clever Trigili is. He also told Brandon how not to "come off as an
asshole or a piece of shit," but rather, be well liked. I'm sure Brandon was taking notes throughout this very
impartial, neutral, and well-intentioned video.

I also love how Nick talks about mutual respect. When has PHIL ever shown anyone who's challenged his reign
respect? What like when Kai Greene dared sign an autograph in 2014, when Shawn dared release a suggestive
ad in 2017, or now when there's a new champion, Phil's taken to creating doubts in him, barely three months into
his reign (just weeks before Christmas and New Year's, no less). Seriously, when did Phil show his rivals respect
for the seven years he was on top? What are you talking about?!?!
I'm not not neutral. I'm a Brandon Curry fan. I'm a Shawn Rhoden fan. I think Phil Heath is an arrogant,
self-absorbed, has-been. I don't think we'll see him on stage again, just like I don't think we'll see Kai Greene
competing, either. These guys have become armchair quarterbacks, keeping great size and condition to look
good on Instagram (standing by themselves), and fine-tuning the hustle of hinting at comebacks, much like
companies use flash sales to sell their whey protein and bcaa's. It's all one big gimmick.

Also, the fact Brandon never beat Phil, means nothing. The last year Phil and Brandon shared a stage, Brandon
cracked the Top 5 and six months later, won the Arnold Classic. Who knows where the chips would have fallen in
2019 and how these guys would do in 2020? To say that Brandon never beat Phil then, is a very weak argument
for how he would have done this year, next year, or five years from now. Ronnie never beat Dorian, the first year
Ronnie won Dorian wasn't there, so does that mean if Dorian would have come back (all beat-up or healed), he
would have beat Ronnie in '99, 2000? I mean, whenever these silly conditional scenarios are raised, it's just a
colossal waste of time. It's almost as stupid as comparing photos of champions on different years.

I'm not neutral. I don't have a neutral bone in my body. I'm one of the most outspoken people in the bodybuilding
media and as a result, I'm despised by many; however, I speak my peace. I'm a Brandon Curry fan, a Shawn
Rhoden fan, and i think Phil Heath's an...

Nick asked for comments, so here's mine. I do like you and like your work, but I can't candy-coat my response to
your video. You were way off and I suspect you - were and are - well aware of that.