The Prophecy Inks with Azgard Nutrition
by Christian Duque

As many of you know, IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha is one of my favorite bodybuilders in the
world. I have always liked his unfiltered, in-your-face kind of demeanor and I've always said
that when the stars align for him - look out! This is a guy with serious potential, but whose
been dealt some hard knocks along the way. The real world is oftentimes anything but
convenient and sometimes bad news couldn't come at a worst time. There have been
contests that I feel, had he been able to compete in, he would have done some serious
damage. That being said, sometimes life brings good fortune, and one look at his role with
Azgard Nutrition, I feel like this may be an example of just that.

To be totally honest, I'm not familiar with the brand so I went ahead and did a little homework.
Before speaking on that point, I will say that I'm very impressed at the role Nathan has with
them. He's their main draw and main focus. I think that's smart, considering the loyal following
De Asha commands, as well as his impressive contest record. I think linking up with Azgard is
also smart for Nathan, and here's why.
Voices From The Fitness Industry -
A guy like Nathan could easily land a contract with a large, international supplement giant.
There's simply no question of that in my book. Large companies do have certain perks.
Their marketing has usually oversaturated the market, meaning that sponsored athletes
don't really have to push hardly at all. Large companies stick to their staple products, without
ever growing much. They don't typically listen to their consumers, opting instead to go with
what's worked over time. The problem there is, really large companies are extremely wasteful
and many times don't see the writing on the wall until it's too late. That's what happened with
Ultimate Nutrition. One day they're giants, the next day workers are locked out their building
and the company's dead as a doornail. Another problem, primarily for sponsored athletes, is
that when someone inks with a large company, they're literally just a number. Large companies
have their stars, their blue collar athletes, and their ambassadors. No matter what you do, if the
marketing director doesn't want you to shine,  you can win all the shows under the sun to be
had, & you'll never be the driving force or the face of the company. It's 100% politics over merit.

When you visit the AN site ( you see Nathan everywhere! You also see
other athletes, all in excellent shape, in very high resolution. That last note seems like it'd be
obvious, but I have seen company pages that use low-end, blurry photos. Why would a
company do that? Who the hell knows? A company website is their store display to the world,
if it's not on point, you just may have lost a customer. In addition to the people displayed, the
products look fresh!

Here's the deal, most people haven't heard about Azgard, so that right there is a conversation
starter. Next, the labels have a very deep, almost profound look to them. The fonts used are
different, the color schemes aren't typical to what we see in America, and even the container
colors are visually exciting. And that's just it folks, you DON'T want to look like everyone else.
These products tend to pop out and that's perfect. Remember, people shop with their eyes.
Also, they don't have their full line out. For example, if you click on the Pump product or the
Pre-Workout, it says coming soon. That's fantastic and because it means they're not in a race
to put stuff out.

There's always at least two ways of looking at things. Some companies want to come out
and have everything out. They have all the products imaginable at just a couple clicks away.
With that being said, those companies only focus from debut on, is to sell. Everything they
have goes into marketing, signing talent, and advertising. All R&D is done and it might be
months, maybe even years before they revisit an existing product, add a new product, or
start cutting products that don't sell. I, personally, think it's better to come out with your basic
products and then slowly add products based on what your customers want. Maybe have
Nathan do some IG Live Chats, interact with the fans, listen to the fans and from there start
looking at making fan wishes a reality.

Formulations, today, are key. Consumers in the fitness industry have come a long way, paying
close attention to ingredients, and even the order in which ingredients are listed. People are a
lot more aware, today, and that's a great thing because companies that put out quality products
are being rewarded in the process. Further, people love to support companies that support the
sport of bodybuilding. A big way to do that is having sponsored athletes, advertising on
bodybuilding sites, and being part of contests. A lot of times, companies can buy into a contests
for a nominal amount. They don't necessarily have to be a title sponsor or presenting sponsor.
Sometimes even the smallest banner gets the company a booth and that's all that really matters
- having a presence!!

With that said, I'm very excited to see what Azgard Nutrition is able to accomplish and huge
kudos to my friend IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha on inking with them. Be sure to check them out.