How Bodybuilding Saved Kentucky Bodybuilder's Life
by Christian Duque

First and foremost, let me say that I have come into contact with many athletes in physique-based sports.
I only cover the NPC and IFBB Pro League because these are the very best federations at the amateur
and professional levels. The NPC is the only road to the coveted IFBB Pro League pro card and the IFBB
Pro League is the only road to the Mr. Olympia. I've covered contests throughout Kentucky and throughout
the United States. The reason I'm stressing the fact I've worked with countless competitors, is because
there's something very unique about the bodybuilder being discussed, today.

Micah Hyde, like many hardcore competitors, has been weight-training since high school. He enlisted in
the U.S. Army, serving as an Infantry soldier, and was deployed to Iraq in 2011 & 2012. When he got out
of the Army in 2014, like many combat veterans, he had trouble adjusting to civilian life. Unfortunately, he
got caught up in the opioid epidemic that's ravaged this part of the United States. Addiction is very much
an illness, a daily battle that goes far beyond mere will power. Many of these drugs are so powerful, they
literally take over their users' lives. For many, addiction can totally ruin their existences, and kicking is
virtually impossible. As Micah shared, with me, his addiction grew so out of control, that before he knew it,
he was an I.V. user. For many who get to this level, there's simply no light at the end of the tunnel,

Fortunately for Micah, he had the love and support of his amazing girlfriend, Ivy, his pets, and the sport of
bodybuilding. Anyone whose battled addiction will tell you, you're always an addict, but you can recover,
you can kick the addiction. You always have to be on guard, you always have to be ready to fight old habits,
fight impulses, and grow stronger in your recovery. Micah has been able to sustain and better himself with
all the love he's received and his love of the gym, training, and competing. The sport has, in part, given his
life purpose and he further states that "bodybuilding allows me to help guys struggling to get sober, to tell
them it's not hopeless and that we're capable of amazing things if we believe in ourselves and help one
Weight-training, whether for bodybuilding or other sports, has helped so many people over the years.
Where you train is also as important as how you train. A guy as intense as Micah needs to hang his hat at
a real hardcore place, with hardcore people, and nothing short of that will suffice. When I asked him to
expound on the training aspects of his journey, here's how he articulated these points:

    "I get to step on the proving grounds every time I pull into the parking lot at The Factory Gym and
    prove to myself once again that I can dig a little deeper. The weights cannot be taken from me.
    they will never leave me, they're honest. You don't get any more or less than what you put in and
    they're a testament to my work ethic and my passion. My body is my best form of self expression
    through art. I want to exude power, strength, confidence and most importantly, humility."
For a lot of people, training is a necessary component to
their success on stage, but for Micah, it's a necessary
component to success at life. His commitment to the
work done in the gym is unparalleled, though he's so
humble, he'll keep the intensity for the reps, but not for
the talk. He'll blend in with everyone else, keep his head
down, and always be willing to help others. In a world
dominated by egos and big-talkers, Micah is precisely
the kind of champion you want in the sport.

Oh yeah, and he's most definitely a champion! In fact,
he earned some pretty spectacular placings at his first
competition. Micah took 1st place Heavyweight Novice,
Novice Bodybuilding Overall, and 1st place Light
Heavyweight in Open Bodybuilding, making a very
strong first impression. How could someone so new to
the stage, achieve such greatness, so quickly? Of
course, the fact he worked with legendary coach Steve
Weingarten explained some of it, but most of the credit
goes to the athlete. Micah gave his all and reaped the

I think it's fantastic that we have people like Micah in the
fitness scene and I think his star will only continue to
soar. As of press time, he just inked a deal with SupHub,
a local supplement store, and it's widely stated he will be
the next sponsored athlete at The Factory Gym. I wish
him nothing but success.
Micah Hyde at the Team Hornback
Posing Clinic at LAC Westport.
SupHub Sponsored Athlete Micah Hyde